Professional Staff


Internship Officer, Art Curating and Museum and Heritage Studies
Jane Johnston

The Schaeffer Fine Arts Library
Anthony Green, Senior Librarian
Nicholas Keyzer, Librarian

Sydney University Museums and Art Gallery Staff

Craig Barker, Manager, Education and Public Programs, Nicholson Museum
Museum education; heritage touring

Robert Blackburn, Curatorial Assistant, Macleay Museum
Ecology; entomology

Elizabeth Bollen, Assistant Curator, Nicholson Museum
Ancient Greek material culture

Jan Brazier, Curator, Macleay Museum
History of museums and science in nineteenth-century New South Wales; history of photography in Australia

Rebecca Conway, Curator, Macleay Museum
Ethnographic collections; interactions of source communities with cultural heritage collections held in museums; ethnographic historic photographs

David Ellis, Director, Museums and Cultural Engagement (comprising Macleay Museum, Nicholson Museum, University Art Gallery and Collection, Seymour Centre)
Museum management and administration; exhibition project and program management (including travelling exhibitions)

Anthony Gill, Curator, Macleay Museum
History of natural history, particularly nineteenth-century ichthyology

Chris Jones, Assistant Collections Manager, Sydney University Museums

Jude Philp, Senior Curator, Macleay Museum
Museum practice; history and culture of the Pacific; natural history practice; taxidermy

Matt Poll, Assistant Curator, Macleay Museum
Development for and involvement of communities in collections and documentation; repatriation and return of material to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art practice

Ann Stephen, Senior Curator, University Art Gallery and Art Collection
Modernism; Australian art; contemporary art

Julie Taylor, Senior Museum Collections Officer, Sydney University Museums

Michael Turner, Senior Curator, Nicholson Museum
The history of museum collections and collectors; historic photography

Katie Yuill, Assistant Curator, University Art Gallery and Art Collections
Australian modern art