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This Senior Fieldwork unit takes students out of the classroom and into major world cities to explore not only the history of architecture and public space but also the galleries, collections and artworks housed in the city. It offers a vital opportunity for students to learn with and from artworks, buildings, spaces and monuments in situ.

This course aims to make students think, talk and live in the presence of great art, great buildings and great spaces and enable fresh and transformative insight into the place of art in the fabric of a city and of our contemporary lives, as well as to give a sense of how cities act as the sites of history and culture.

Guided by the Department of Art History academics the course is a profound and challenging opportunity to engage fully in thinking, writing and presenting on sites and in front of art works.

Unit of Study Information

Credit Points
University of Sydney students can earn 12 Senior Advanced level (3000) credit points to count towards a Major in Art History.

The prerequisite for this unit is 12 senior intermediate level (2000) Art History units.
Departmental permission is also required for enrolment.

Assessment Tasks
Students enrolled will be required to complete specific assessment tasks both prior to travel, within the field and upon return.

Scholarships and Bursaries
The Frank McDonald Scholarship which will be available to Art History students enrolled in the Fieldwork Unit of Study ARHT3672, taught in the Department of Art History at the University of Sydney. The Prize is competitive and is to the value of $3000. It is designed to facilitate travel within and beyond Australia to sites, collections and archives that will present unique and transformational opportunities.
The John Schaeffer Fund for Nineteenth-Century Art (Fieldwork) 10 scholarships of $1500 each are to be made available to students on ARHT3672: Fieldwork: Art and the City
The University of Sydney offers enrolled domestic students who are conducting some of their studies overseas OS-Help Loans.

For more information contact:

The Department of Art History
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Ph: (02) 9351 3566