Biopolitics of Science

The social study of Science and Medicine is a rapidly growing area in Australia and internationally. Interest in the field is driven by the perception that technological progress often outstrips the social capacity to assess risk, develop governance and safely embed the bewildering array of scientific innovations. Moreover, developments in the sciences are frequently provocations to the categories and assumptions of social science and the humanities – to the distinction between nature and society, technology and culture, and to our understandings of the origins, meanings, ends and value of human life. Hence, social study of science is a field that can readily combine fundamental conceptual research and interdisciplinary critique with policy relevant analysis.

Sydney University has an impressive concentration of early career and more senior scholars, postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows researching social studies of Science, dispersed across different Faculties, particularly Arts, Law, Science, Medicine and Health Sciences. The Biopolitics of Science Research Network brings these researchers together to promote dialogue and collaboration, and to give more profile to the field.