Chair of Department

Academic Staff

  • Associate Professor Ari Heinrich
    ARC Future Fellow
  • Ms Irene An
    Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Susette Cooke
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Chiew Hui Ho (Affiliated with the Buddhist Studies Program)
    Lecturer in East Asian Buddhism
  • Dr Esther Klein
    Early Chinese historiography and historical narrative; Warring States, Qin, and Han Intellectual History; Early Chinese textual history and commentarial practices.
  • Dr Joyce Nip (Joint appointment with the Department of Media and Communication)
    Media in Chinese society, communication and social change.
  • Associate Professor Linda Tsung
    Chinese linguistics, Chinese Pedagogy, second language acquisition, social and political changes in China, multi-culturalism and multi-lingualism in China, minority education.
  • Dr Sean Moores (Affiliated with the Department through the Asian Studies Program)
    Lecturer in Chinese and East Asian Thought
  • Dr Wei Wang
    Contrastive rhetoric and discourse studies between Chinese and English, translation studies, second language acquisition, critical discourse analysis.
  • Ms Xiaowei Zhang
    Cross-cultural communication and understanding; development of curricula and teaching materials; Chinese language acquisition in the multi-cultural classroom.
  • Dr Xiaohuan Zhao
    Cognitive poetics; literary stylistics; (modern and traditional) Chinese literature; pre-Qin (220-206 BC) Chinese classics; Chinese intellectual history; Chinese religions and ghost culture.

Sessional Staff

  • Bonnie McDougall
  • Ruili Sun
  • Jiefen Li
  • Bil Cong
  • Ni Li
  • Peirou Tong
  • Zhe Li
  • Tyler Pike