Associate Professor Simon Reay Atkinson

Simon Reay-Atkinson

Honorary Associate
BSc MPhil PhD (Cantab), CEng, EurIng, FIET
Captain RANR

H04 - Merewether Building
University of Sydney

Biographical details

A diversified career has followed four connected pathways:

  • Recognised thematic leader and assessments researcher of security, defence, cyber, risk, trust, resilience, complex systems; network law, and international relations – extensively published
  • Security strategist, researcher, analyst, system assessor & innovator advising top levels of government and industry, with international experience including in Europe, North America, NATO, the Middle East and SW Asia.
  • Senior Naval Officer, Strategy, Security, Defence and Systems Assessment Director and Senior Research Fellow in the UK and Australia
  • Professional, Chartered Complex Systems Engineer (Communications, Ordnance, EW, & ITC)

Innovative problem solving has been a highlight throughout diverse career experiences. A first degree in engineering was combined with a second degree (a research-based MPhil) in International Relations; majoring in Law and Economics. This provided the foundation for a part-time PhD (the first to be awarded by Cambridge University Engineering Department) that explored, through engineering, security, defence and social science lenses, complex systems and human factors behavioural modelling. The underlying strength of research has been its applicability and re-use; allowing for re-interpretation and practical application, specifically in the area of Cyber.

Building and leading team-networks capable of learning, and managing change in a variety of different work contexts has been a hallmark. Teams have been nurtured, led and developed in many contexts; including building an aircraft carrier, in the laboratory, ‘field’ and lecture room; briefing experts, Industry, Ministers and senior officers; and devising new systems and strategies. As evidenced, these teams have achieved quite remarkable results. As a leader, catalyst, researcher, facilitator, trust broker, assessor and strategist, people from many different backgrounds have been formed into cohesive units and achieved significant outcomes.

Research interests

  • Network States and Network City States
  • Risk, Trust and Resilience
  • Cyber, Quantum and Synthetic Ecologies
  • Anthropomorphic Human Factors, including Study of 1500 sailors based in Western Australia (Fleet Base West) and Sydney (Fleet Based East).
  • Cyber-Big Data technology, techniques and psychology for Cognitive Fitness Enhancement (CFA) with specific regard to improved Mental Health Fitness (HMF); Decision Making and Taking (DMT) and a Aid to Command and Control (A2C)
  • Joint systems-network, synthetic behavioural ecology approach for application to Defence and for improving and aiding resilience of decision making and taking in complex environments.
  • PTSD, Transfer Entropy and Mutual Information so that Defence can improve mental health fitness and resilience – Defence Health Symposium (Sydney, November 2014) and Neuro-feedback Conference, DSTO with University of South Australia, Adelaide February 2015.

Teaching and supervision

  • ENGG 3853 Risk Management Tools & Techniques
  • PMGT 5891 Risk Project Management

Grants and research

  • UK EPSRC Reviewer in areas of Cyber and Resilience, 2010-
  • UK Royal Navy Hudson Research Fellow, 2007-2012
  • Research lead for Sydney University in collaboration with Adelaide University, Curtin University, UTS, QUT, CSIRO and ICCPM. ICCPM and Universities MCPP CRC submission (2014) to the Productivity Commission entitled, ‘Public Enquiry into Public Infrastructure’.
  • Clarkson PJ, A., Sheikh, & M. Henshaw. (2009), ‘From one extreme to another: understanding radicalisation and resultant behaviours amongst young adults in the context of global recession’. ESRC Large Grants Scheme 2009/2010. Cambridge: for Economic & Social Reserach Council (ESRC).
  • Developmental Research on Risk, Recovery and Resilience: Reay Atkinson S. (2014a) Risk, Recovery and Creating Resilience - Research into the Blue Mountains Fires, Oct 2013. In: Simon Reay Atkinson, BMCC, The Lions Club of Winmalee, NRMA Insurance, RHoK (Sydney), ENGG 3853 Risk Managment Students, (ed) Productivity Commission submission on Natural Disaster Funding. Sydney: University of Sydney CCSRG.
  • Developmental Research on Resilient Cities examining Sydney as also part of MPM Risk Management course work research programme leading to a successful prototyping of concepts and ideas, presented to IAG Sydney Headquarters in October 2014 and contributing to the decision by Sydney to become one of the Rockefeller Top 100 Resilient Cities.
  • Early research into resilience, risk, uncertainty and instability as it relates to collaborative joint venture (JV) programmes; Building Information Modelling (BIM); Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Green Star awards.

Selected publications

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