Department of Classics and Ancient History Academic Staff

  • Dr Benjamin Brown
    Homeric Epic, Early Greek History and Historiography, Critical theory and explanation in Ancient History 1500 BCE-500CE
  • Dr Eleanor Cowan
    Roman history, especially the Late Republic and Early Principate; History of ideas and concepts; Writers of the Augustan and Tiberian periods; Democracy and the Roman Plebs; Historiography
  • Dr Robert Cowan
    Latin epic, especially Silius Italicus and Statius; Roman satire; Roman tragedy; Latin didactic poetry; Horace and Ovid; Greek Drama; Greek and Latin literature more broadly
  • Professor Eric Csapo
    Ancient Theatre; Greek and Latin Literature; Mythology; Greek and Roman Social History
  • Associate Professor Julia Kindt
    Ancient Greek History; Ancient Greek Religion, the Comparative Study of Religions; Oracles and Divination; Ancient Anthropology and Human/Animal Studies; Historiography (Ancient and Modern); Herodotus
  • Professor Richard Miles
    Carthage (Roman Empire to the early Byzantine world); Emperor Justinian’s re-conquest of Africa and Italy
  • Dr Tamara Neal
    Epic, particularly Homer
  • Dr Paul Roche
    Roman literature; politics and culture in the first century AD
  • Dr Anne Rogerson
    Virgil’s Aeneid, epic poetry, character in Latin epic, the commentary tradition, the reception and afterlife of the Aeneid, Servius, Maffeo Vegio, Dorothy L. Sayers
  • Dr Jelle Stoop
    Attitudes, habits, and institutions of the Greek city-state; the peculiarities of ancient evidence, especially art and epigraphy
  • Dr James Tan
    The political, economic and social history of the Roman Republic
  • Associate Professor Kathryn Welch
    Political and social transformation of Rome between Republic and Empire; Republican and Augustan Topography of Rome; The wider Mediterranean World in the first century BC; Appian's interpretation of Roman History; Personal commemoration in Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Professor Peter Wilson
    History of the Classical theatre; Greek literature and culture from Homer to the Hellenistic age; The sociology of Greek music