Credit Check

If you are transferring from another university, you may be eligible for credit from studies you have completed elsewhere.

Use the tool below to see if the units of study (subjects) you have already completed have been assessed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences before. You can select either your institution or the units of study you have completed to determine whether you might be eligible.

The information contained here is an indication only and does not guarantee the granting of credit. The decision on whether to award credit will depend on such factors as:

  • how long ago you undertook your studies
  • whether the unit that was assessed has been reviewed at your previous institution
  • your result in the unit
  • how long it has been since the University of Sydney reviewed the content of your unit

There may also be restrictions on what units can be credited to your new course, and the amount of credit that may be transferred. This will depend on the resolutions or rules of your new course so consider the following points:

  • Does the credit I am applying for fit into my course or will I exceed the junior credit point limit?
  • Will there still be room in my course to complete any core units of study and pre requisites that are associated with my major(s) and the core units of study that I must do as part of my overall course?
  • Will I be able to take eight senior units of study in a subject area and meet the requirements for Honours?

Should your units not appear in this database, you can still apply for credit by submitting an application to the Faculty directly. Information on how to apply can be found on our credit information page. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible after enrolment as applications received after February 14 may not be assessed in time for the close of the enrolment period in the second week of semester.