Discontinued Not to Count as Failure

Applying before DC deadline
Procedure for Applying for DC after Week 7
Guidelines for Supporting Documentation


A Discontinued Not to Count as Failure (DC) grade applied after the University deadline is used if you are unable to reasonably complete your studies due to circumstances that occurred or became worse after Week 7. You will need to show that prior to Week 7 you had reasonable prospects of completion of the unit(s) of study (eg attending classes). You will need to provide documentation that indicates it was not until after Week 7 that your circumstances changed and made you unable to complete your unit(s).

DC grades cannot be granted for periods of short term illness or misadventure lasting up to 20 working days. These circumstances need to be addressed through Special Consideration.

It is important to note that if you receive a DC grade, you will remain financially liable for the unit of study.

Applying for DC before the University Deadline

Students applying for a DC before the deadline specified by the University.

  • Domestic students must apply for a DC in MyUni through the Sydney Student portal prior to the deadlines specified by the University.
  • To apply for an on time DC, select the MyStudies tab and choose Units of Study. Click on the Other Options tab and follow the prompts.
  • International students must submit an application to DC a unit directly to the Faculty after the census date for the relevant semester. International students must supply documentation that demonstrates they have compassionate or compelling circumstances that require a reduced semester load.

Procedure for Applying for a DC due to illness or misadventure after Week 7

1. Be familiar with the Student Services Guidelines for: Application for Discontinue Not to Count as Failure due to Illness or Misadventure and understand the legitimate grounds for making an application

2. Complete the Application to for a DC due to Illness or Misadventure form and include a statement explaining why you were not able to withdraw before the deadline and can no longer complete the unit.

3. Ensure all required supporting documentation is attached to the form

4. Lodge the form and supporting documentation with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Services office by the last day of the relevant semester. (Student Services may waive this requirement if you can demonstrate that it was impossible or unreasonable for you to lodge your request within this timeframe. In such cases, you must provide documentation that demonstrates your application was made as soon as possible)

5. The outcome will be communicated by university email within two (2) weeks of receipt of the application and supporting documentation.

Guidelines for Supporting Documentation

Applications must have an attached statement and (original or certified) documentation that satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

Your application will be unsuccessful unless the Faculty determines that the documentation you provide:

1. demonstrates you were not able to complete the unit of study for unforeseeable reasons

2. demonstrates circumstances beyond your control prevented you from withdrawing from/ discontinuing the unit by the seventh week of the relevant semester

3. demonstrates circumstances beyond your control prevented you from using the Faculty’s established procedures for special consideration for illness or misadventure

4. provide documentation completed by a registered medical practitioner or counsellor (or other professional as applicable) specifies the extent and period of impact on your ability to study appropriate to the period for which a DC grade is sought

5. demonstrates, in instances where a DC is sought for discrete units rather than all units in a semester, that there is a specific, documented impact in relation to the particular unit that distinguishes it from performance in other units of study successfully completed in the same semester

When assessing DC applications, the Faculty takes into account your academic record and any special consideration claims you have lodged throughout the semester. If you are is registered with the University Disability Services any reasonable adjustments are also taken into consideration. Please note you must notify the Faculty that you are registered with Disability Services if you wish this information to be taken into account with your application.

Applying for a Refund of Fees

Please Note: Under some circumstances, students who are granted a grade of DC after the census date may be eligible for a refund of fees or re-credit of a Fee-HELP balance. Local students should contact the HECS and Domestic Fees Office in the Student Centre about all fee, HECS-HELP and Fee-HELP issues. International Students should contact the International Office.

Summer/Winter School and units of studies offered by other Faculties:

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences does not process DC applications for units of study undertaken in Summer School or Winter School. For Summer or Winter School units of study, you will need to apply directly to Summer or Winter School.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is unable to process DC applications for units of study that are offered outside the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Faculty can only process DC applications for units of study that are offered by our Faculty. To apply for a DC for a unit outside of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, please contact the administrating faculty for the unit you are seeking a DC grade for.

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