Late work


The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences considers assessment submission by the due date as an important aspect of training students in the acquisition of graduate attributes. Being able to organise one’s work coherently and to meet deadlines is part of taking responsibility for a student's studies, and also essential in working as a member of a team or as a professional providing services to a client. It is part of any work environment, and also part of life as an adult in society.

Policies with regard to the submission of late work are in place in the interest of cohesion, clarity and student equity within the Faculty. They enable timely and coherent management of teaching and learning, and in administering courses within the Faculty.

Faculty policy

The Faculty Resolutions include resolutions about Late Submission, which apply to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students. The Faculty’s Late Work Provisions expand on the rules and procedures laid out in the Resolutions. You can view both the Resolutions and the Late Work Provisions by using the links in the Documents box on the right of this page.

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