Sydney University Microeconometrics and Public Policy Working Group



Welcome to the Microeconometric and Public Policy working group in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney!

The group provides an opportunity for faculty working on empirical microeconomics and public policy, broadly understood, to present early-stage and ongoing research. Other interested faculty and Ph.D. students with research relevant to the themes of the group are invited to present from time to time.

There can be more than one presenter in a given week, depending on how much material each presenter has ready. However, keeping in mind the need to allow ample time for discussion of early-stage work, it's probably best to have a single presenter plan to present for 30-40 minutes, and allow the remainder of the time for questions and discussion.

For Semester 2, 2014, please contact Hayley Fisher if you would like to get on the mailing list or contribute a presentation. You can also speak to Hayley or Garry Barrett in person.

Semester 2, 2014

Fortnightly meetings held on Fridays 12-1 pm in Merewether Seminar room 397 unless otherwise stated.




17 July room 498

Tatiana Mikhailova

Spatial Competition and Transport Infrastructure

15 August

Don Weatherburn
(NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research)


22 August

Gonzalo Castex
(Central Bank of Chile)

College Risk and Return

29 August

Nick de Roos

Coordination and timing in a policy experiment

12 September

Stefanie Schurer

The evolution of control perceptions over the life-course: Evidence from two British cohort studies

26 September

Kevin Schnepel 


10 October

Andre Groger


17 October

Silvia Mendolia

The Effect of Personality Traits on Subject Choice and Performance in High School: Evidence from an English Cohort

21 November

Rebecca Edwards


Semester 1, 2014

Fortnightly meetings held on Fridays 12-1 pm in Merewether Seminar room 397.




7 March

*Special Event 12-2pm*

  • Tiho Ancev
  • Kadir Atalay
  •  Garry Barrett
  • Rebecca Edwards
  • Hayley Fisher
  • Susana Iranzo 
  • Kevin Schnepel 
  • Bob Slonim
  • Russell Toth
  • David Ubilava
  • Stephen Whelan


21 March *11:30-12:30*

Stefanie Schurer

What can we learn from data on cognitive and non-cognitive skills and item non-response: An application to educational choice (so far)

4 April

Robert Slonim and Stephanie Heger

Waiting to Give

11 April

Shyamal Chowdhury and Uttam Sharma

Impact of a digital platform on agricultural technology adoption and access to finance in Kenya

**WED 16 April** 12-1 

Katrien Stevens

Monotonicity in IV and fuzzy RD designs – A Guide to Practice

2 May

Kevin Schnepel

Lifetime Bans from the Federal Food Stamps Program

**FRI 9 May**
12:30 - 1:30pm

Tiho Ancev

Size matters: Optimal Management of Dynamic Systems with Varying Size

23 May

Russell Toth

Productive spillovers of the take-up of index-based livestock insurance

30 May

Susana Iranzo

Immigrants and Entrepreneurship: a Road for Talent or Just the Only Road?

13 June

Shyamal Chowdhury

Labor supply and productivity in times of environmental shocks: the case of arsenic contamination in Bangladesh