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2015 Seminars

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All seminars will take place 11-12:30pm in Merewether room 498 unless otherwise stated.





29 Jan


Hani Mansour

University of Colorado Denver

Election Fraud and Post-Election Conflict: Evidence from the Philippines

18 Feb


Christopher Waller

Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

On the Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing at the Zero Lower Bound

19 Feb


Susan Dynarski

University of Michigan

Income-Contingent Loans: Is HECS a Model for the US?

5 Mar

Corbett Grainger

University of Wisconsin Madison

Property rights, regulatory capture, and exploitation of natural resources

12 Mar

Stephanie Lluis

University of Waterloo

Mobility and Career Concerns of U.S. Patent Examiners

19 Mar

Joseph Altonji

Yale University

Group-Average Observables as Controls for Sorting on Unobservables When Estimating Group Treatment Effects: the Case of School and Neighborhood Effects

26 Mar

Graham Voss

University of Victoria (British Columbia)

Is Canada an Optimal Currency Area? An Inflation Targeting Perspective

31 Mar
*Room 397

Frank Windmeijer

University of Bristol

Selecting (In)Valid Instruments for Instrumental Variables Estimation

2 Apr

Evan Calford

University of British Columbia

Ambiguity Aversion in Game Theory: Experimental Evidence

9 Apr

Frederic Warzynski

Aarhus University

Rethinking Deindustrialization: An Organizational Economics Perspective

16 Apr

Erte Xiao

Monash University

It's Not Just the Thought that Counts: An Experimental Study on Hidden Cost of Giving

23 Apr

Terra McKinnish

University of Colorado Boulder


30 Apr

Yuichiro Waki

University of Queensland


7 May

Simon Board

University of California Los Angeles


8 May

Nidhiya Menon

Brandeis University


14 May

Pavlo Blavatskyy

Murdoch University


21 May

Victoria Baranov

University of Melbourne


28 May



4 Jun