School of Economics Seminars

2014 Seminars

Seminar coordinators:

*All Seminars take place in Merewether room 498 unless otherwise stated


School of Economics Seminar Series

Semester 1, 2014

*All seminars are scheduled 4-5:30pm unless otherwise stated





Fri 14th Feb *3:30-5pm*

Ted Bergstrom

University of California Santa Barbara

Storage for good times and bad: Of squirrels and Men

Tues 25th Feb

David Cooper

Florida State University

Coordination with Endogenous Contracts: Incentives, Selection, and Strategic Anticipation

Thurs 6th March

Petr Sedlacek

University of Bonn

The Growth Potential of Startups over the Business Cycle

Tues 11th March *12-1pm*

Stefano Eusepi

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fundamental Disagreement

Thurs 13th March

Simon Burgess

University of Bristol

Does a grammar school system raise inequality?

Thurs 20th March

Firmin Doko Tchatoka

University of Tasmania

Instrument endogeneity and inference in possibly unidentified structural models

Thurs 27th March

Stefanie Schurer

University of Sydney

Does locus of control mediate the effect of health shocks on labour market outcomes?

Thurs 3rd April

Susumu Imai

University of Technology Sydney

Instrument-free Identification and Estimation of Differentiated Products Models using Cost Data

Fri 4th April


Iain Fraser

University of Kent

Parametric Preference Functionals Under Risk in the Gain Domain: A Bayesian Analysis

Thurs 10th April

Andreas Leibbrandt

Monash University

If one price is good, are two better? A framed field experiment on price discrimination?

Thurs 24th April




Thurs 1st May

Stephanie Heger

University of Washington St. Louis

We Should Totally Open a Restaurant: Performance Uncertainty and Optimistic Beliefs

Thurs 8th May

Peter Bossaerts

California Institute of Technology


Thurs 15th May

Lisa Cameron

Monash University


Thurs 22nd May

Pauline Grosjean

University of New South Wales


Thurs 29th May

Julie Moschion

University of Melbourne


Thurs 5th June




Wed 11th June

Paul Glimcher

NYU Centre for Neuroeconomics


Thurs 12th June

Virginie Masson

University of Adelaide


Tues 17th June **11-12:30**

Stephen YuPing Wu



Thurs 19th June




Thurs 26th June

Melissa Tartari

University of Chicago