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2015 Seminars

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All seminars will take place 11-12:30pm in Merewether room 498 unless otherwise stated.





29 Jan


Hani Mansour

University of Colorado Denver

Election Fraud and Post-Election Conflict: Evidence from the Philippines

18 Feb


Christopher Waller

Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

On the Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing at the Zero Lower Bound

19 Feb


Susan Dynarski

University of Michigan

Income-Contingent Loans: Is HECS a Model for the US?

5 Mar

Corbett Grainger

University of Wisconsin Madison

Property rights, regulatory capture, and exploitation of natural resources

12 Mar

Stephanie Lluis

University of Waterloo


19 Mar

Joseph Altonji

Yale University


26 Mar

Graham Voss

University of Victoria (British Columbia)


2 Apr

Evan Calford

University of British Columbia


9 Apr

Vacation Week



16 Apr

Erte Xiao

Monash University


23 Apr

Terra McKinnish

University of Colorado Boulder


30 Apr

Yuichiro Waki

University of Queensland


7 May

Simon Board

University of California Los Angeles


8 May

Nidhiya Menon

Brandeis University


14 May

Pavlo Blavatskyy

Murdoch University


21 May

Victoria Baranov

University of Melbourne


28 May



4 Jun



2014 Seminars

School of Economics Seminar Series

Semester 2, 2014

*All seminars are scheduled 11:00-12:30 unless otherwise stated





9th July

Gary Fields

Cornell University

Changing Income Inequality and Panel Income Changes in Times of Economic Growth and Economic Decline

24th July

Jaume Ventura

CREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona GSE

Managing Credit Bubbles

31st July

Martin Huber

St. Gallen University (Switzerland)

Why do tougher caseworkers increase employment? The role of programme assignment as a causal mechanism

5th August


Regina Riphahn

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Paternal unemployment during childhood: causal effects on youth worklessness and educational attainment

7th August

Michael Waldman

Cornell University

Adverse Selection, Market Size, and Innovation

11th August


Jennifer Alix-Garcia

University of Wisconsin

Labor Scarcity, Land Tenure, and the Persistence of History: Evidence from Mexico

14th August

Martin Kocher

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

An Anatomy of Ambiguity Attitudes

21st August

Steven Stillman

University of Otago

What Determines Individual Perceptions about Political Parties and How Does This Influence Voting Behaviour?

26th August 


Tarun Jain

Indian School of Business

Does who you know matter? Unraveling the influence of student networks on academic performance

28th August

Yu-chin Chen

University of Washington

Understanding Exchange Rate Dynamics: What Does The Term Structure of FX Options Tell Us?

3rd September

Peter Sinclair

University of Birmingham

Reflections on MonetaryPolicy Dilemmas and the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level

4th September

Moshe Haviv

Hebrew University

Regulating arrivals to a single server  queue 

11th September

Stephen Billings

University of North Carolina Charlotte

The Housing and Educational Consequences of the School Choice Provisions of NCLB: Evidence from Charlotte, NC  

18th September

Prashant Bharadwaj

University of California San Diego

Perverse Consequences of Well Intentioned Regulation - Evidence from India's Child Labor Ban

26th September

*2-3:30pm* ROOM 498


Pedro Gomis Porqueras

Deakin University

Macroprodential, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions In Economies with Frictional Over the Counter and Labor Markets​ 

25th September

Peter Siminski

University of Wollongong

The Forgotten Evaluation Tool: An Encouragement Design Experiment on Supplemental Instruction





9th October

Stanislav Anatolyev

New Economic School, Moscow

Many instruments and/or regressors

16th October

Fillippo Massari

University of New South Wales

Market Selection and the Wisdom of the Crowd Revisited

23rd October

Shankha Chakraborty

University of Oregon

Contraception and the Fertility Transition

30th October


Xin Meng

Australian National University

The intergenerational effect of the Chinese Cultural Revolution on education

4th November


Juuso Valimaki

Aalto School of Economics

Common Value Auctions with Costly Entry

6th November

Greg Kaplan

Princeton University

The Wealthy Hand-to-Mouth

7th November

Era Dabla-Norris

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Identifying Constraints on Financial Inclusion, and Their Impact on GDP and Inequality: A Structural Framework for Policy

13th November

Mervyn Silvapulle  

Monash University

Specification Tests for Multiplicative Error Models

20th November

Myra Yazbeck

University of Queensland

Peer Effects, Fast Food Consumption and Adolescent Weight Gain

25th November


Romans Pancs

University of Rochester

Dynamic Project Selection

27th November

Paul Schweinzer


University of York

How to share it out: The value of information in teams

28th November

12-1:30 *room 398*     

Prabal Roy Chowdhury

Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi

Managing Microfinance: Mission Drift and Low-powered Incentives

2nd  December

Christopher Neely

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

How Persistent are Monetary Policy Effects at the Zero Lower Bound? 

4th December

Timo Boppart

Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm

Structural change and the Kaldor facts in a growth model with relative price effects and non-Gorman preferences

12th December

William Fuchs

University of California Berkeley

Government Interventions in a Dynamic Market with Adverse Selection



School of Economics Seminar Series

Semester 1, 2014

*All seminars are scheduled 4-5:30pm unless otherwise stated





Fri 14th Feb *3:30-5pm*

Ted Bergstrom

University of California Santa Barbara

Storage for good times and bad: Of squirrels and Men

Tues 25th Feb

David Cooper

Florida State University

Coordination with Endogenous Contracts: Incentives, Selection, and Strategic Anticipation

Thurs 6th March

Petr Sedlacek

University of Bonn

The Growth Potential of Startups over the Business Cycle

Tues 11th March *12-1pm*

Stefano Eusepi

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fundamental Disagreement

Thurs 13th March

Simon Burgess

University of Bristol

Does a grammar school system raise inequality?

Thurs 20th March

Firmin Doko Tchatoka

University of Tasmania

Instrument endogeneity and inference in possibly unidentified structural models

Thurs 27th March

Stefanie Schurer

University of Sydney

Does locus of control mediate the effect of health shocks on labour market outcomes?

Thurs 3rd April

Susumu Imai

University of Technology Sydney

Instrument-free Identification and Estimation of Differentiated Products Models using Cost Data

Fri 4th April


Iain Fraser

University of Kent

Parametric Preference Functionals Under Risk in the Gain Domain: A Bayesian Analysis

Thurs 10th April

Andreas Leibbrandt

Monash University

If one price is good, are two better? A framed field experiment on price discrimination?

Thurs 24th April




Thurs 1st May

Stephanie Heger

University of Washington St. Louis

We Should Totally Open a Restaurant: Performance Uncertainty and Optimistic Beliefs

Thurs 8th May

Peter Bossaerts

University of Melbourne and The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health


Peter Bossaerts CV

How Humans Deal With Extreme Events: Theoretical, Behavioral and Neural Foundations

Thurs 15th May

Lisa Cameron

Monash University

Cultural Integration: Experimental Evidence of Convergence in Immigrants’ Preferences

Thurs 22nd May

Pauline Grosjean

University of New South Wales

It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah?

Thurs 29th May

Julie Moschion

University of Melbourne

Achievement Effects from New Peers in Australia: Who Matters?

Mon 2nd June

Teevrat Garg

Cornell University

Public Health Effects of Natural Resource Degradation: Evidence from Deforestation in Indonesia

Thurs 5th June

Jonathan Vogel

Columbia University

Accounting for changes in between-group inequality

Wed 11th June


Paul Glimcher

NYU Centre for Neuroeconomics

Rationalizing Context-Dependent Preferences: Divisive Normalization and Neurobiological Constraints on Choice

Thurs 12th June

Virginie Masson

University of Adelaide

Networks and Favor Exchange Norms under Stochastic Costs

Tues 17th June **11-12:30**

Steven Yu-Ping Wu

Purdue University

Discretionary Latitude and Endogenous Contractual Incompleteness: Theory and Experiments

Thurs 19th June

Melissa Tartari

University of Chicago

Bounding the Labor Supply Responses to a Randomized Welfare Experiment: A Revealed Preference Approach

Wednesday 9th  July **11-12:30**

Gary Fields

Cornell University

Changing Income Inequality and Panel Income Changes in Times of Economic Growth and Economic Decline