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2016 Seminars

Seminar coordinators:
and Jordi Vidal-Robert

All seminars will take place 11-12:30pm in Merewether room 498 unless otherwise stated.





5 Feb

Russell Davidson

McGill University

A Discrete Model for Bootstrap Iteration
23 Feb

Daniel Kuehnle

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

*Lifecourse Seminar
Love your leave, don’t leave your love! Paid parental leave and child living arrangements

1 March

Helmut Lutkepohl

DIW Berlin

Calculating Joint Confidence Bands for Implulse Response Functions using Highest Denisty Regions

3 March

Simon Burgess


Using Behaviour Incentives to Improve Performance on High Stakes Tests: Evidence from a Field Experiment

8 March

Issac Mbiti

University of Virginia

Inputs, Incentives, and Complementarities in Primary Education: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania

15 March

Alex Teytelboym

INET at Oxford

A Simple Model of Cascades in Networks

17 March

Ryoji Sawa

University of Aizu


24 March

David Frazier

Monash University

Indirect Inference with Endogenously Missing Exogenous Variables

31 March

Michela Tincani

University College London

Heterogeneous Peer Effects and Rank Concerns: Theory and Evidence

14 April

Liam Lenton

La Trobe University Doping Behaviours and Efficiency of Drug Prevention in Sports: An Experimental Study

21 April

Pushkar Maitra

Monash University Social Networks, Women's Political Enagagement and Public Goods Provision
5 May Guy Maraz University of Melbourne Priors and Desires: a Model of Optimism, Pessimism, and Cognitive Dissonance
12 May Asadul Islam Monash University Parent-Teacher meetings and students’ outcome: Evidence from field experiments in remote communities 
19 May Indranil Chakraborty NUS Procurement Auctions

20 May

*3.30pm to 4.30pm

Jan Kabatek University of Melbourne N.B. 3.30 to 4.30pm
Lifecourse Centre seminar: Happy Birthday, You're Fired! The Effects of an Age-Dependent Minimum Wage on Youth Employment Flows in the Netherlands
26 May Martine Mariotti ANU Labor Migration and the Structure of Rural Labor Markets 
2 June Sarah Walker UNSW Tariffs and Trees: The effects of the Austro-Hungarian customs union on specialization and land use change 
9 June Idione Meneghal ANU Predicting the Unpredictable: A Theory of Learning Under Unawareness
10 June Ngo Van Long McGill University  
16 June Leslie M. Marx Duke University Prior-Free Baysian Optimal Double Clock-Auctions
28 June Phillip Oreopoulos University of Toronto  
1 July Arthur Lewbel Boston College