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Welcome to the University of Sydney School of Economics Honours Program

Professor John Romalis
School of Economics Honours Coordinator

The School of Economics Honours Degree has a long and prestigious history. It provides a year of intensive study to students with superior academic records and specialized preparation. The program produces graduates with advanced technical skills, organization and motivation. It will challenge the best students. Our Honours graduates are highly desired and often become leaders in finance, industry and government. We find that Honours graduates frequently remain in contact long after graduation.

Reasons for Undertaking Honours in Economics

A degree with Honours in Economics is highly desirable for a student seeking careers with employers that demand high academic achievement. Many of our Honours graduates pursue such careers in the financial sector; consulting; the Reserve Bank of Australia; and government departments such as Treasury, Finance and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Some have proceeded to academia, politics, and journalism. A sample of School of Economics alumni (most with Honours degrees) can be found at: The Business School also produced a promotion featuring some of our graduates:

Sydney’s School of Economics is one of a handful of schools that provide a dedicated Honours stream from second year, with smaller classes to facilitate greater interaction with academic staff and other students. Our program is built upon a core of advanced microeconomics and macroeconomics courses. We also require students to strengthen their mathematical and data analysis skills. This core of subjects prepares students for a wide range of electives in their Honours year. The courses are challenging, and as students undertake advanced coursework and conduct independent research they develop their analytical, problem solving, writing, presentation and time-management skills.

Students are first invited to the Honours program if they perform well in their introductory microeconomics (ECON1001, ECON1040 or BUSS1040) and macroeconomics courses (ECON1002). Entry into the Economics Honours program is also possible in the third and fourth years, but the entry criteria are higher, and students will also need to complete some units from the second and third years of the Honours program. Since these special units are taught in one semester only, students need to plan their degree carefully. This is especially true if you plan to go on an international exchange, which for most students works most easily in second semester of second year or second semester of third year.

External students may also apply to our Honours degree. External students in the Sydney region contemplating this are encouraged to apply for cross-institutional study in some Honours prerequisite units while undertaking their degree. This will increase your familiarity with our Honours cohort and may ease entry into the Honours year.