European Studies Program

Do you envisage a career in communications, journalism, international law, business, international relations or the non-government sphere? Or maybe you want to go to Europe to study? Whatever the reason, it’s a good one to take European Studies units at Sydney University!

Europe is the world’s most progressive superpower, a federation of states which have joined together to solve the global challenges of the 21st century. But Europe is more than just the EU. It is a huge, diverse and fascinating collection of cultural identities and histories reaching back to the past and forward to the future. In European Studies we focus on contemporary European cultures, politics and societies. You will come to understand other ways of viewing the world while learning valuable research skills to work in today’s global environment. Graduates in European Studies currently work in journalism, the media, television and advertising, in government and non-government organizations, in multinational business, education and training.

Latest News

  • CISS Visiting Fellow Rebecca Adler-Nissen receives the Nils Klim Award

    Rebecca Adler-Nissen is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. She received the Nils Klim Prize for excellent research within the social sciences. The Nils Klim Prize is an annual prize, which is awarded to promising scholars under the age of 35. Adler-Nissen’s research primarily revolves around international political sociology, sovereignty and diplomacy. She is currently involved in research projects on images in international security, status and stigma.