Research Seminar Series

The Department of Gender and Cultural Studies hosts a lively departmental research seminar series. Participants include staff, associates and postgraduate students from the department, as well as presenters from other University of Sydney departments and from outside, both nationally and internationally.

Seminars are held in The Refectory, in the Main Quadrangle (the building with the clocktower at the top of University Drive, off Parramatta Rd). You can find The Refectory downstairs from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office.

Friday afternoon, 2pm-4pm. Please join us after the seminar for drinks at the Holme Courtyard Bar

Everyone is welcome to attend.

2017 Seminar Series convenors:
Ruth Barcan and Anna Hickey-Moody (Semester 1)
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Fiona Allon (Semester 2)

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Semester 2 2017 - Seminar Series


4 August – Suburban Vernaculars
Brigid Rooney (Sydney)
‘Post-suburban strange: unsettling Australian literary suburbia’

Peter Kirkpatrick (Sydney)
‘Featurist Modernism’

18 August – Charismatic Christianities
Paul Freston (Wilfrid Laurier)
‘Pentecostal Charismatic Christianities in Global Perspective: Rise, Politics, Migration and Missions’

Cristina Rocha (Western Sydney)
‘“God is in Control:” Pentecostalism and International Student Migration’

1 September – Psychogeographies of Alternative Sydney
Vanessa Berry (Writer and Artist)
‘Sydney Lost and Found’

Peter Doyle (Macquarie)
‘Suburban Detective’

15 September – Debt, Violence and the State
Lisa Adkins (Newcastle)
'Can there be a sociology of debt?'

Melinda Cooper (Sydney)
‘Remembering Ms. Dhu: The Politics of Everyday Debt’

6 October – Algorithms, Affect and Socio-technical inclusion/disruption
Nicholas Carah (Queensland)
'Algorithmic Hotness: engineering the capacity to affect in the promotional culture of social media'

Supriya Singh (RMIT), Heather Horst (Sydney), Greg Adamson (Melbourne) and Alexia Maddox (Deakin)
‘Cryptocurrencies and financial inclusion: research dimensions, technological disruption and social possibilities’

20 October – Cultural Studies of Law
Katherine Biber (UTS)
‘Azaria's Archive: the Lindy Chamberlain collections in the National Library of Australia and the National Museum of Australia’

John Erni (Hong Kong)
‘Law, Rights, and the Figure of the “Included-outs”’

Semester 1 2017 - Seminar Series
seminar image - mural

10 March
Queer Defamiliarisation

Helen Palmer (Kingston University London)
'Queer Defamiliarisation: the politics of diffractive poetics'.
Lee Wallace (Sydney)
'Reattachment Theory: Gay Marriage as Remarriage.'

24 March
Youth Citizenship

Combined presentation
Anita Harris (Deakin) and Ariadne Vromen (Sydney)
'Reflections on Youth Citizenship Studies'

7 April
Anna Boucher
Hard Work
'Measuring worker rights violations in practice: The example of Temporary Work (Skilled) (457) visas in Australia'
Nicole Matthews (Macquarie)
'Life story, emotional labour and pedagogies of discomfort in dementia care education'

28 April
Assembling Masculinity

Anna Hickey-Moody (Sydney)
‘Masculine Economies: Performativity, Affectivity and Carbon Futures’
Tim Laurie (UTS)
‘Spinoza and Men, or, Does Masculinity Studies Need The Ethics?’

12 May
Radicalism, Religion and Schools

Marion Maddox (Macquarie)
‘Rumors of war echo in the classroom: the reactive instrumentalisation of religion in three public school systems.’
Remy Low (Sydney)
‘Deradicalisation or Radical Democracy? On preventing violent extremism in schools.’

26 May
Rethinking the politics of mindfulness and wellness

Sue Saltmarsh (USQ)
'Gratitude, happiness and everyday fictions of wellbeing'
Edwin Ng (Deakin)
'What is the promise of refuge in a time of planetary crisis? Buddhist, feminist, and posthumanist inspired notes on living and dying well together.'

9 June
Race, Faith and Families

Jacqueline Nelson (UTS)
‘Performances of racism and anti-racism in Australian families.’
Helena Onnudottir (WSU)
‘A Certain Congruence: Islam and Aboriginal Cultures.’


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