Research Seminar Series


The Department of Gender and Cultural Studies hosts a lively departmental research seminar series. Participants include staff, associates and postgraduate students from the department, as well as presenters from other University of Sydney departments and from outside, both nationally and internationally.

2014 Seminars are held in The Refectory, in the Main Quadrangle (the building with the clocktower at the top of University Drive, off Parramatta Rd). You can find The Refectory downstairs from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office.

Friday afternoon, 2pm-4pm. Seminars are followed by drinks in the Manning Bar.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

Seminar Series convenors: Elspeth Probyn and Tess Lea
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Slipping: vertigo, falling out of favour, diving into the blue
Staying: the course, stasis, putting down roots
Straying: getting caught up, blown off course, little acts
Scuttering: pottering about, making a mess, dealing with distraction

This year’s seminar series pursues ideas about how we can make our tools in trade – our perennial concepts – stutter, break up and recombine. You know the ones: gender, sex, politics, the body, reproduction, the everyday, bodies, identity, representation, ethnicity, the popular, ethics, affect, and so on. Between amnesia and rejuvenation, the poetic and the prosaic, the human and beyond, we’d like to make the space of the seminar one where the infrastructure of our thinking gets shaken up.

Semester 1 2014

14 March Dr Ruth Barcan (Sydney) on Academic Life and Labour in the New University: Hope and Other Choices in conversation with Prof Bronwyn Davies (Independent Scholar) and Dr Liam Grealy (Sydney)

28 March

Assistant Prof Todd A. Henry (History, UCSD) on visualizing queer Korea (Co-sponsored by Asian Studies, Sydney)

11 April

Prof Sophie Watson (Open University) and Assoc Prof Kurt Iveson (Sydney) on doing cities differently

9 May

Dr Anthea Taylor (Sydney) and Emeritus Prof Graeme Turner (UQ) on new celebrity studies

23 May

Prof Brett Neilson (UWS) on Borders as method

6 June

Dr Jay Johnston (Sydney) and Dr Kathleen McPhillips (Newcastle) on gender, religion and new materialism

20 June

Sophie Johnson and Rebecca Brown (Sydney) on women negotiating post feminist realities

Semester 2 2014

8 August Dr. Jane Park (Sydney) and Prof Celine Parreñas Shimizu (UCSB) on Asian masculinities

22 August

Prof Elizabeth Povinelli (Columbia) on the requiem to liberalism

5 September

Prof Meaghan Morris (Sydney) on aesthetics and governmentality

19 September

Assoc Prof Tess Lea and Assoc Prof Catherine Driscoll (Sydney) on their new respective books Darwin and The Australian Country Girl

10 October

Leah Lui-Chivizhe (Nura Gili Centre for Indigenous Programs UNSW) on gendered authority and the Islander-turtle relationship in 19th century Torres Strait, and Assoc Prof Jennifer Biddle (COFA, UNSW) on the avant garde in Indigenous art

24 October

Prof Alison Bashford (Sydney) on a personal retrospect of gender and history

7 November

Dr Helen Keane (ANU) and Prof Alan McKee (QUT) on vulgar vices