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GCST2614 - The Body: Theories, Practices, Cultures

Semester 2, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Ruth Barcan


How are bodily life and social worlds intertwined? What meaning can be found in even the most mundane or intimate body practices and cultures? This unit introduces students to the cultural study of embodiment and the body, drawing on a variety of body practices, cultures and functions, including breathing, toileting, nudism, yoga and body modification. Key concepts include: the mind/body split; disgust and taboos; the creation of borders, surfaces and depths; and the plasticity of bodies in culture.


1x1000wd close reading exercise (25%), 1x1500wd analytical essay (35%), 1x2000wd final essay (40%) and 5x non-assessable posts to discussion board (online participation)


1x1.5-hr lecture, 1x1-hr tutorial and 30min online participation/week


18 Junior credit points



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