Department of Government and International Relations

Welcome to the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney. We are a comprehensive political science department, with particular expertise in International Relations, International Security, Comparative Politics, Australian Politics, Public Policy and Political Theory. Our missions are to:

  • Produce world class research which continually advances the intellectual boundaries of the discipline and develops our understanding of real world political phenomena.
  • Deliver high quality teaching and research programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which are both intellectually and vocationally relevant.
  • Develop mutually beneficial links with our many professional, research and educational communities.
  • Establish the Department as the premier political science department in Australia, and one of the leading political science departments in the region and the world.

We are also engaged in a variety of interdisciplinary projects, including human rights, democratization, public policy, environment and climate change, immigration policy and law, electoral integrity, and China studies.

We have recently merged with the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS), which produces innovative, multidisciplinary academic research and education programs focusing on international security and foreign policy issues, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region

The most recent Jiao Tong World University Rankings (August 2011) ranked the University of Sydney 18th for politics and international relations, in the top 10 percent worldwide.

This website provides information about our people, courses, and publications.

Latest News

  • Electoral Integrity Project Report: The Year in Election 2014

    The Electoral Integrity Project is a based at the University of Sydney and Harvard University. It is directed by Professor Pippa Norris and funded by the Australian Research Council. Since its launch in July 2012, the Electoral Integrity Project has monitored elections around the world, using an expert rolling survey on Perceptions of Electoral Integrity.


  • CISS Associate Professor Jingdong Yuan on Nuclear Politics in Asia

    Asia remains a region of vertical and potential horizontal nuclear proliferation, despite the limited progress in the early 1990s. Driven by a combination of threat perceptions, domestic factors, and lack of effective multilateral security institutions, the region continues to face significant proliferation challenges. Find his chapter in The Oxford Handbook of the Internaitonal Relations of Asia.

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