On Tuesday 23 May, 2017 the Department of Government and International Relations presented the achievements of recent IVth honours graduates.

The event was hosted by the Honourable Don Harwin, Minister for the Arts, a graduate with Honours in Government 1985.The chair of proceedings was Mr Felix Donovan, a graduate with Honours in Government 2016.

There were one hundred guests in attendance, including the alumni, members of the Department, current IVth Honours students, and members of the External Advisory Committee. After the presentations and discussion there was reception where guests and students had a chance to meet and talk.

A panel of five recent graduates spoke about their research:

  • Matilda Stewart - A Nation of Immigrants? Latinos in the United States
  • Henry Maher - Austerity and the Construction of Consent in the United Kingdom
  • Eda Gunaydin - Malleable Allies? Kurds in Syria
  • Umeya Chaudhuri - Ma[s]king Education: A Securitising Discourse Foreign Policy, The ‘Heroic Third World Girl’ Malala Yousafzai
  • Alexandra Wright - The Iran Nuclear Deal

The program for the 2017 Best and Brightest Ceremony, with abstracts detailing the research presented on the night can be viewed here.

For further information about the External Advisory Committee and its projects contact .

Best and Brightest speakers Speakers with chair of proceedings, Felix Donovan presenters Henry Maher Audience Alexandra Wright Ashley Townshend from the United States Studies Centre Audience