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Recent commentary and media appearances by the staff and students of the Department of Government and International Relations, from newspaper op-ed pages, magazines, blogs, broadcast media, and online news outlets.

UN Security Council Criticised for Failing to Stop Violence in Syria

Dr Susan Park – ABC RN Drive - July 18 2013
International relations expert Dr Susan Park discusses violence in Syria.

Analysts Say UN Security Council Seat Delivers Bang for Buck

Dr Susan Park – ABC Ratio National, The World Today Program - October 19 2012
International relations expert Dr Susan Park discusses Australia's recent election to the UN Security Council.

Security Council

Dr Susan Park – ABC Midday Report News Television Program - October 19 2012
ABC Midday Report interviews international relations expert Dr Susan Park on Australia's recent election to the UN Security Council.

Atop the Sovereignty Bubble
Dr Ryan Griffiths - Political Violence @ a Glance - August 14, 2012

Dr Ryan Griffiths, Dr Bridget Coggins, and Dr Tanisha Fazal argue that the international community regularly offers aspiring states sovereign recognition based on overly optimistic hopes that domestic control and legitimate authority – commensurate with the credit extended to them – will follow. Instead, many new states’ governance deficiencies persist long after independence. As the ranks of these highly leveraged countries swell, so does the global sovereignty bubble.

The new faces of terror
Dr Sarah Phillips - The Age - May 11, 2012

The Age newspaper has reported on the continued al-Qaeda threat and has interviewed Dr Sarah Phillips, a Yemen expert from the University's Centre for International Security Studies. The report notes that Dr Phillips is one of a handful of scholars with on-the-ground experience in Yemen and has advised the Australian government about the threat posed by the al-Qaeda branch there. Click here

Class-war chatter proves a bit rich coming from Labor
Assoc Prof Rodney Smith - The Australian- May 11, 2012

The Australian newspaper has reported on Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s accusation that the Coalition’s ranks are filled with people from rich suburbs with well-to-do families. Associate Professor Rodney Smith, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has told the newspaper that Labor often reverts to such rhetoric when in deep trouble. "It's about saving the base not just in an electoral sense, but in terms of your own party," Dr Smith said. Click here.

Analysis: Obama's gay marriage stance
Dr David Smith - SBS World News- May 10, 2012

SBS World News has interviewed US Studies Centre lecturer Dr David Smith re US President Barack Obama’s historical declaration in support of gay marriage.

Forecasting genocides before they can happen
Assoc Prof Benjamin Goldsmith and Dr Charles Butcher - ABC Radio National’s PM - April 30, 2012

Associate Professor Benjamin Goldsmith and Dr Charles Butcher discuss their “Understanding and Forecasting Political Instability, Mass Atrocities and Genocide” project.

Putting Sustainability on the Menu
Dr Monika Barthwal-Datta - ABC Radio Australia - April 30, 2012

Dr Monika Barthwal-Datta discusses emerging challenges to sustainable food security in Asia and the importance of localised food economies on ABC Radio Australia.

Poll result a 'crushing blow' for Sarkozy
Professor Simon Tormey - ABC News - April 23, 2012-05-09

Professor Simon Tormey discusses Nicholas Sarkozy's second-place standing in the first round of the French Presidential elections. Professor Tormey expects the incumbent President won't be re-elected in the final ballot, and the socialist candidate Francois Hollande will be France's next leader.

New President for World Bank

Dr Susan Park – SBS Podcasts - April 17, 2012
Dr Susan Park – an expert on the World Bank and global development – discusses the recent appointment of Dr Jim Yong Kim to the Presidency of the World Bank.

Politics expert dissects Queensland election results

Sydney University's politics expert Dr Peter Chen dissects the Queensland election results for Weekend Breakfast on ABC News24.

Ocoupy Research and the Media

Dr Peter Chen - ABC 7.30 Program - 16 November 2011

Click here to watch the video clip.

Occupy in Australia: Panel Discussion

A public discussion held at the University of Sydney on 5 November 2011.

Australian inquiry into the news media: panel discussion

Shark Hunts a Hollywood Response to Real Horror

Christopher Neff, PhD Candidate - Sydney Morning Herald - 25 October 2011

PhD Candidate Christopher Neff writes about the recent spate of deadly shark attacks in Australian waters, and why government-authorised shark hunts are not likely to reduce attack risks.

Asylum: First Ask the Right Questions

Dr Anna Boucher - The Canberra Times - 19 October 2011

Dr Anna Boucher - along with Prof Mary Crock of the University of Sydney's Department of Law - calls for a rational and level-headed response to the Australian asylum seeker controversy.

Coming Soon: 7 Billion Reasons to Rethink How We Use the Planet

Prof Rod Tiffen - The Sydney Morning Herald - 17 October 2011

Prof Rod Tiffen pens an opinion piece about the increasing environmental demands of a rising global population, as the world hits the 7 billion mark this month.

How to Register Your Own Political Party (Audio)

Dr Anika Gauja - 702 ABC Sydney - 12 October 2011

Dr Anika Gauja, who specialises Australian politics, comparative politics and political parties, conducts a lesson in political party registration laws in Australia.

Egypt's Gas Supply to Israel Sabotaged

Dr Gil Merom - ABC News - 27 September 2011

Dr Gil Merom - a specialist in international security and conflict resolution - speaks on air with ABC's Barbara Miller about the political and economic impact of recent attacks on a major gas pipeline between Israel and Egypt.

Dr James Reilly

Not the next Arab Spring: The China method for managing popular unrest
Dr James Reilly - East Asia Forum - 20 September 2011

Dr James Reilly - a specialist in Chinese and East Asian politics - argues in the ANU-based East Asia Forum that the democratic protests of the Arab Spring are unlikely to spread to China.

 Murdoch Makes No Retreat From Scandals With Attack on Australia Government
Assoc Prof Rodney Smith - Bloomberg - 12 September 2011


Associate Professor Rodney Smith - a specialist in Australian politics and political sociology - speaks with Bloomberg about the impact that News Ltd's criticism of Prime Minister Gillard is having on Australian politics.

More Commentary

The Light on the Hill Has Been Extinguished - Does Julia Gillard Have the Spark Labor Needs?
Dr Anika Gauja - The Conversation - 19 September 2011

Dr Anika Gauja, who specialises in Australian politics, comparative politics and political parties, writes in online journal The Conversation about Prime Minister Gillard's latest attempts to reform the Australian Labor Party.

Changing China
Dr Minglu Chen - ABC Radio National - 24 August 2011

Dr Minglu Chen speaks with ABC National Radio presenter Philip Adams about women entrepreneurs in China, and the cultural barriers they face.