Events from 30 July, 2016

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  • 4th August, 2016
    12.00pm - 1.30pm

    GIR Colloquium Series | Explaining anomalous political assimilation among immigrants to Australia

    The Department of Government and International Relations is having the first seminar in semester two. In this seminar, Dr Jill Sheppard from Australian National University will explain anomalous political assimilation among immigrants to Australia.

  • 31st August, 2016

    EIP/Varieties of Democracy (VDEM) pre-APSA workshop

    One central goal of the EIP/VDEM workshop is to bring together leading organizations at the forefront of the construction, dissemination and use of expert-based indicators. The workshop aims to generate a lively conversation about the standards and best practices which should be followed in this sector, to explore whether there is a broad consensus.

  • 26th September, 2016 to 27th September, 2016

    Thailand in Comparative Perspective: An International Symposium

    The University of Sydney will host a two-day international symposium on the theme of Thailand in Comparative Perspective to promote the sharing of ideas and insights on the comparative outlook of recent developments in Thailand from a diverse bodies of knowledge in the social sciences and humanities.

  • 28th September, 2016
    9:00am - 5:00pm

    Field of Research (FoR) 1608 Jamboree (Sociology)

    Are you a University of Sydney academic or research student who is interested in the impact of society in your subject area? Have you thought about publishing or researching in sociology? Have you used FoR 1608 (Sociology)? THIS DAY IS FOR YOU.