Events from 26 April, 2015

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  • 29th April, 2015

    Applying a Constructivist Informed Ethic to assess the Liberal State’s Response to the Syrian Crisis: A Preliminary Step

    The department of Government and International Relations invites you to the departmental colloquium on April 29th 2015, followed by light refreshments and snacks.

  • 4th May, 2015

    Film Screening and Panel Discussion: China’s 3 Dreams

    "In the 1970s we had only 3 dreams: a watch, a wireless and a bicycle..."

    Confused by the expurgated history they learned at school and the silence of their grandparents, China’s young people are making their way with three new dreams to guide them: the dream of the present, to make China rich and powerful, the dream of the future, to find a better life; and the almost-impossible dream of the past, the dream of meaningful existence.

    China’s 3 Dreams takes us deep inside the present dilemmas and dreams of China’s people - without mediation from Western presenters or narrators. Featuring rare archive and extraordinary testimony from former Red Guards and Rebels, here is a powerful parable of China in the twenty-first century.

  • 6th May, 2015

    Engaging North Korea

    The department of Government and International Relations and Centre for International Security Studies invite you to the upcoming seminar: ‘Engaging North Korea’.