Public Panel Discussion on the Media Inquiry Initiated by the Labor Government

In mid-September 2011, the Labor Government established an inquiry to examine the role of the media in Australia. The inquiry is set against a range of contexts: the emerging impact of online media on the economic basis of traditional print media, ownership consolidation and transnationalisation, concerns about the political influence of News Limited in Australia given its dominant market position, political-media scandals in the United Kingdom, and criticism by politicians about the fairness of journalists in covering contemporary politics.

This panel will comment on the key issues the inquiry will face, what potential responses we may see from government, and the likely effectiveness of these achieving the stated aim of inquiry. The panel is composed of three individuals who are eminently positioned to provide insight into the issues and complexity faced by the inquiry:

Emeritus Professor Rod Tiffen
Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney

Professor Wendy Bacon
Centre for Independent Journalism, University of Technology Sydney

Mr Peter Timmins Commentator, "Open and Shut"

WHEN: Wednesday 19th October 2011 from 5pm - 6:30pm
VENUE: Carslaw Theatre 159