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  • 2016 School magazine is out![22 June 2016]

    The SSPS Review showcases the latest achievements from our staff, students, and alumni. This edition is full of research into health security, the importance of climate change policy, a look at food poverty which affects 1.2 million Australians every year, and the issues faced by children born during wartime to foreign servicemen, plus much more.


  • Pre-election web tool helps voters get up to speed[14 June 2016]

    Prof Ariadne Vromen and A/Prof Anika Gauja are contributing to an online tool which allows Australians to assess their political leanings against the major parties' positions on key themes, in the lead-up to the July 2 Federal Election.


  • The Great White Lie - Chris Neff on Shark Attacks[23 May 2016]

    From bigger boats to greater voices, it seems we are transfixed by a perceived threat of sharks on our shores. But as the numbers tells us, we are more likely to be struck by lightning than being taken by a shark. Tom St John writes about Dr Christopher Neff's Sydney Writers Festival talk, which looks at why shark bites enrapture the attention of politicians and the public – and what this tells us about the wider world of public policy.


  • Dr Megan Mackenzie - Women in the Military[23 May 2016]

    Platoon, Blackhawk Down, Full Metal Jacket, and American Sniper - Hollywood has a long tradition of hyper-masculinity in film. It’s in this fetishised world of fraternal loyalty and physical courage, argues University of Sydney lecturer Dr Megan Mackenzie, that we form and perpetuate the myth that women don’t belong in the armed forces.


  • Laurence and Lynne Brown Democracy Medal awarded to Electoral Integrity Project[6 May 2016]

    Congratulations to Pippa Norris and the Electoral Integrity Project, which has been awarded the 2016 Laurence and Lynne Brown Democracy Medal by the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State University!


  • If popularity trumps security[5 May 2016]

    What if Trump continued to defy all expectations and was elected to be the 45th president of the US? In particular, what kind of foreign policy could be expected from Trump and what would be the security implications of that policy? Colin Wight write in Security Solutions Magazine.


  • Enhance your outlook through our Social and Political Sciences Postgraduate Program[4 May 2016]

    Thinking of postgraduate study? Equip yourself with the analytical and critical skills for understanding contemporary real-world problems through our Postgraduate Program. See what our students and alumni have to say about their experience studying with us and the careers they've forged.


  • SSPS speakers among Sydney Writers Festival highlights[1 April 2016]

    This year's Sydney Writers' Festival features a wide range of University staff, and alumni, including SSPS' Christopher Neff and Megan MacKenzie who will be talking about issues ranging from shark attacks to women in combat.