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  • Trump's ban erects wall of ideology, race and religion[6 February 2017]

    Trump's ill-advised ban may provide a 'told-you-so' moment for extremists who have long argued for cutting American ties over treatment of Muslims, writes Hussain Nadim.


  • Sydney Ideas - Drones, Lies, and Privacy[6 February 2017]

    Contemporary governments frame surveillance and secrecy as evils necessary to ensure our security. What are the existing accountability mechanisms, and how are they being challenged? Join our expert panel to consider the standards of conduct critical for a society of informed, private citizens.


  • New ASPI report by Jingdong Yuan on Sino-US military exchanges from 2001-2016[1 February 2017]

    Read the latest report by Associate Professor Jingdong Yuan published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) on Sino-US military exchanges between 2001-2016.


  • President Trump's first days in office[30 January 2017]

    United States President Donald Trump has followed through on his promise to take swift action in his first days in the job, with executive orders on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Affordable Care Act, abortion, and the Keystone Pipeline. How much force do these orders hold? Dr David Smith talks to ABC Radio National about Trump's new plans.


  • Home ownership: facts and fiction[27 January 2017]

    In this episode of the Open for Discussion podcast series Dr Chris Neff is joined by Professor Nicole Gurran, urban planning and policy analyst, to talk about housing affordability.


  • 5 predictions for China in 2017[24 January 2017]

    From military disputes to the fluctuating value of the Yuan, our experts from across Sociology and Government and International Relations share their predictions for China in 2017.


  • 'Why Elections Fail' featured in Choice Magazine's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2016[16 January 2017]

    Congratulations to Professor Pippa Norris, whose publication 'Why Elections Fail' has been listed in Choice Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Titles for 2016.


  • CISS members meet with Australian Ambassador Gillian Bird at DFAT[6 January 2017]

    Last month, a group of Centre for International Security Studies members met with Ms Gillian Bird, the Australian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, New York, in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade office in Sydney.