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  • Associate Professor Benjamin Goldsmith on President Obama's Foreign Policy[8 October 2014]

    In "A Liberal Defense of Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy" Professor Goldsmith analyses President Obama's critics. The article was published online for E-International Relations.


  • Ebola and health diplomacy[1 October 2014]

    CISS Professor Frank L Smith is interviewed on ABD RN Radio on the United States military involvement to battle the Ebola virus spread in West Africa.


  • APSA 2014 Conference[17 September 2014]

    The 2014 Annual Conference of the Australian Political Studies Association is meeting from Sunday 29th September until Wednesday 1st October 2014 in the New Law School at the University of Sydney.


  • Festival of Democracy | 24-27 September[16 September 2014]

    The Sydney Democracy Network (SDN) invites you to the second annual Festival of Democracy, hosted at the University of Sydney from the 24th to the 27th of September.  Four full days of talks, debates, workshops, art and cinema will focus on the formidable practical challenges confronting democracy across the globe. SDN invites the general public to join the discussion on a range of tough issues: disaffection with political parties and the democratic process; the lack of public accountability of Australia’s extractive industries; corruption and political instability in China; the crisis in representative democracy; how democracy functions in the face of economic and social inequality; and the rise of anti-democratic regimes. Speakers and sessions will cover regions as diverse as the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.



  • EUGENE JARECKI RETROSPECTIVE as part of the Docos for Politicos Film Series[3 September 2014]

    Docos for Politicos film series is presented by the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) in collaboration with the United States Studies Centre (USSC) and the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA), headlining this year A EUGENE JARECKI RETROSPECTIVE.


  • Professor James Der Derian discusses historian Barbara Tuchman's book on the WWI [8 August 2014]

    Barbara Tuchman's The Guns of August was a suprisingly popular book that won the Pulitzer prize after its publication in 1962. in it, Tuchman describes in great detail the opening events of the WWI conflict. So, what were the effects and lessons learned from this major world event? CISS Director, Professor James Der Derian, was interviewed about the significance of The Guns of August for contemporary global politics. Margaret MacMillan, Professor of History at St. Anthony's College in Oxford, and Anthony D'Agostino, Professor of History at San Francisco State University, were also among those interviewed.


  • Professor James Der Derian Interview on [1 August 2014]

    Gaza conflict: All the latest news and developments As violence continues in Gaza, social media has become a secondary battleground, with both Israel and Hamas using Twitter to get their messages across. But who is winning the social media war?


  • ARC's Future Fellowship Awarded to Associate Professor Benjamin Goldsmith[24 July 2014]

    “Global Challenges, Reluctant Publics? The Role of Public Opinion in International Cooperation on Crucial Global Issues.”