Expert Panel Addresses Australian Media Inquiry

Rod Tiffen, Wendy Bacon, Peter Timmins at Media Inquiry Panel

Dr Peter Chen of the the Department of Government and International Relations hosted a public panel on 19 October 2011 with three of Australia's leading media scholars to discuss the Australian government's ongoing inquiry into the role of the media.

In this video clip (available for free on YouTube), the panel comments on the key issues the inquiry will face, what potential responses we may see from government, and the likely effectiveness of these achieving the stated aim of inquiry.

The panel was composed of three individuals who are eminently positioned to provide insight into the issues and complexity faced by the inquiry:

Emeritus Professor Rod Tiffen
Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney

Professor Wendy Bacon
Centre for Independent Journalism, University of Technology Sydney

Mr Peter Timmins
Commentator, "Open and Shut"

Watch the VIDEO here.