External Advisory Committee

In 2008 the Department created an External Advisory Committee to help it relate to its community partners and to respond to the challenges of the future.
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A report detailing the activities of the Committee is available here.

Community partners include the patrons who support student prizes and scholarships, the organizations and individuals that host placements for student interns, experts who contribute guest lectures to students, Honorary Associates and Emeriti, professionals who deliver units of study with a practitioner flavour, research associates, media contacts, and more generally the employers of graduates and the graduates themselves as alumni.

Best and The Brightest 2013 Finalist

Nina Ubaldi, Cindy Chen, Will Thomas, and Mekela Panditharatne

On Thursday 22 May 2013 the Department of Government and International Relations presented the achievements of recent IVth honours graduates. The occasion was hosted by the President of the Legislative Council, the Honorable Mr Don Harwin, MLC, at the NSW Parliament House on Macquarie Street in the city. Ms. May Samali, a solicitor at Freehills and Deputy CEO of 180 Degrees Consulting Limited who completed First class honours in Government and International Relations with a University Medal, chaired the proceedings. Mr. Michael Lambert closed the proceedings and invited guests to a reception in the lobby.

A panel of four recent graduates spoke about their research:

  1. Nina Ubaldi on language politics in Italy
  2. Will Thomas on the Howard battlers
  3. Mekela Panditharatne on violent video games
  4. Cindy Chen on EuroVision song contest and national branding
Audience at the 2013 Best and The Brightest event

Alumni and others attended. Current student staffed the welcome desk. There was a lively exchange of questions and answers during the session followed by a reception for further, informal discussion.

Professor Graeme Gill with a group of high school students who attended

Professor Graeme Gill with a group of high school students who attended

For further details, see the following links: click here for the program includes abstracts of these five theses and all others from that year. For a video overview on You Tube, go click here.

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