Department of Government and International Relations

Welcome to the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney. We are a comprehensive political science department, with particular expertise in International Relations, International Security, Comparative Politics, Australian Politics, Public Policy and Political Theory. Our missions are to:

  • Produce world class research which continually advances the intellectual boundaries of the discipline and develops our understanding of real world political phenomena.
  • Deliver high quality teaching and research programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which are both intellectually and vocationally relevant.
  • Develop mutually beneficial links with our many professional, research and educational communities.
  • Establish the Department as the premier political science department in Australia, and one of the leading political science departments in the region and the world.

We are also engaged in a variety of interdisciplinary projects, including human rights, democratization, public policy, environment and climate change, immigration policy and law, electoral integrity, China studies and the Religion, State and Society Research Network.

We have recently merged with the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS), which produces innovative, multidisciplinary academic research and education programs focusing on international security and foreign policy issues, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region

The most recent Jiao Tong World University Rankings (August 2011) ranked the University of Sydney 18th for politics and international relations, in the top 10 percent worldwide.

This website provides information about our people, courses, and publications.

Latest News

  • How to talk about climate change without talking about climate change

    Policymakers' inability to openly discuss climate change is leaving many local councils across Australia unprepared for its impacts, analysis by PhD Lisette Collins from the Department of Government and International Relations has found.

  • Australian elections not as good as you think

    We might have a reputation for fair and free elections, but how well do Australian elections fare when compared to other countries? Professor Rodney Smith and Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma explain.

  • SSPS speakers among Sydney Writers Festival highlights

    This year's Sydney Writers' Festival features a wide range of University staff, and alumni, including SSPS' Christopher Neff and Megan MacKenzie who will be talking about issues ranging from shark attacks to women in combat.

  • ESRC GLOBAL HEALTH SECURITY WORKSHOP: 'Examining the role of the private sector in health-related humanitarian response'

    The entry of for-profit organisations in health-related humanitarian response has been a relatively new phenomenon, but the move towards what some have described as the “privatization” of humanitarian response has been observed across multiple humanitarian-related areas and activities, particularly in the areas of medical aid, surveillance and logistics. Visit this post to watch the individual video presentations from the ESRC Public Lecture.

  • Women and Politics Prize 2016

    Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the Australian Political Studies Association Women and Politics prize is presented biennially for the best essay on the topic of women and politics broadly defined. The winner is decided by a committee established by the Women’s Caucus of APSA.

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