The Masters and Diploma programs in Public Policy, Health Security, International Relations and International Studies provide early to mid-career professionals with practical knowledge, experience, and widely recognized credentials. Units of study in these programs are designed to deepen your skills, to strengthen awareness of analytic techniques, and to provide opportunities for interaction with professional networks.

International Relations

The new Master of International Relations will be offered from Semester 1, 2014.

International Studies

The International Studies coursework program offers a wide ranging overview of the international system and key actors within it, states, international organizations, and corporations.

Public Policy

The Public Policy coursework program is primarily intended for those who serve, or seek to serve, in the public or non-profit sectors.

Graduate units of study also focus on five sub-fields: international relations (units such as the International Politics of Human Rights, Globalisation and Governance, and International Security), public policy (including Issues in Public Policy, Governance and Public Policymaking, and Crisis, Disasters, and Public Management), political theory (exemplified by units on Policymaking and Power, and Forces of Change in International Relations), comparative politics (including those offered in Comparative Democratic Politics, Asia-Pacific Politics, and North-East Asian Politics), and Australian politics (such as Australia in Diplomacy, Defence and Trade).

International Security

Provided by the Centre for International Security Studies, this coursework program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of the field of international security. It focuses not only on strategic thinking and analysis, as well as technical and regional expertise, but also on helping students develop professional skills to advance their careers.

Health Security

The Master of Health Security offers students an intellectually rigorous, flexible, multidisciplinary program of study and research that provides a pathway for those who are either interested in pursuing a career in health security, or are already working in roles with responsibility for dealing with human, animal and/or plant health-related crises. In addition, the degree will also contain study options that provide a pathway for entry into higher degrees by research (e.g. PhD), allowing students to pursue a career in research and/or academia.

Based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you can tailor your tertiary experience by drawing upon the expertise of a number of schools and faculties at the University of Sydney.

The coordinator of these programs is Dr Stewart Jackson.