Student Spotlight

Postgraduate research students in the Department of Government and International Relations are engaged in a number of exciting and internationally recognised projects. PhD research topics have ranged from secular governance in the Middle East to the politics of shark attacks. And our pool of research is constantly growing.

Here is a sampling of some our students' work, and what their experiences at the University of Sydney have been like. For more information on the work that our current research students are doing, please visit our complete list of students. If you're interested in joining the department as a PhD candidate, please contact Postgraduate Coordinator of Research Prof Colin Wight.

Featured Students


PhD Candidate


Naser Ghobadzadeh came to the University of Sydney after completing his undergraduate degree at Shahid Beheshti (Ex-National) University in Tehran, and 3 years working as a communications officer for the United Nations in his home country of Iran.

His current research focuses on the growth of secular governments in the Middle East, arguing that coexistence between secularity and religiosity might be possible in the region.



PhD Candidate


Stewart Jackson spent more than 20 years working for the Australian Green Party before deciding to pursue a PhD at the University of Sydney.

His research looks at the ways in which electoral success has changed the party since he joined it as a staffer in 1990.