Edited Books

A list of books edited by members of the Department of Government and International Relations staff. Books are organised into the department's five of the key research areas: international relations, public policy, comparative politics, and Australian politics.

International Relations

Colonialism and China: Localities, the Everyday, and the World

Edited by Prof David Goodman - Routledge - May 2012

With Bryna Goodman (University of Oregon), Prof David Goodman investigates the complexities and subtleties of colonialism in China during the first half of the twentieth century. Contributors deal in separate sections with colonial institutions of hybridity, colonialism in specific settings, the social biopolitics of colonialism, colonial governance, and Chinese networks in colonial environments.

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Edited by Assoc Prof Benjamin E. Goldsmith - Emerald  - 2010

With Jurgen Brauer (Augusta State University), Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith brings together recent, cutting-edge research on economic factors affecting peace and war. This important area of continuing research was the focus of an international conference held at the University of Sydney in June 2009 and these chapters are partly drawn from among the best contributions to that meeting. The book weaves together threads from a number of themes in current research including new theoretical perspectives on the economic foundations of peace, violence and war within countries, connections between international trade and inter-state conflict, and the role of legal/institutional factors in international and internal conflict.

The New Rich in China: Future Rulers, Present Lives

Edited by Prof David Goodman - Routledge - July 2008

This volume investigates the political, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the emergent new rich in China, the similarities and differences to similar phenomenon elsewhere and the consequences of the new rich for China itself. Prof Goodman - a prominent China scholar - links the importance of China to the world economy and helps us understand how the growth of China’s new rich may influence our understanding of social change elsewhere.

Public Policy

The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society

Edited by Prof David Schlosberg - Oxford University Press - September 2011

With John S. Dryzek (ANU) and Richard B. Norgaard (UC-Berkeley), Prof David Schlosberg presents a definitive analysis drawing on the best thinking on questions of how climate change affects human systems, and how societies can, do, and should respond. Key topics covered include the history of the issues, social and political reception of climate science, the denial of that science by individuals and organized interests, the nature of the social disruptions caused by climate change, the economics of those disruptions and possible responses to them, questions of human security and social justice, obligations to future generations, policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and governance at local, regional, national, international, and global levels.

Environmentalism in the United States: Changing Patterns of Activism and Advocacy

Edited by Prof David Schlosberg - Routledge - October 2008

With Elizabeth Bomberg (University of Edinburgh), Professor David Schlosberg
explores the changing patterns of and challenges to environmentalism in the contemporary US. Previously published as a special issue of Environmental Politics, this book includes discussion on the re-conceptualisation of core ideas and strategies defining US environmentalism, questions of identity and relations with other advocacy groups (including labour, global justice and women’s groups), institutional change (especially the shift away from regulatory policies and approaches), the expanding arenas of activism to both above and below the state, and environmentalists’ response to Bush administration policies and priorities.

Governing After Crisis

Edited by Prof Allan McConnell - Cambridge University Press - April 2008

With Arjen Boin (Louisiana State University) and Paul 't Hart (ANU), Prof Allan McConnell explores 'post-crisis politics,' examining how crises give birth to longer term dynamic processes of accountability and learning. This volume draws from a wide range of contemporary crises, including Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, the Madrid train bombings, the Walkerton water contamination, Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia and the Boxing Day Asian tsunami to address the longer term impact of crisis-induced politics.

Politika i Strah (Fear and Democracy)

Edited by Prof John Keane - Politička Kultura, Zagreb - November 2005

With Milan Podunavac (University of Belgrade) and Chris Sparks (Institute of Technology Sligo), Professor John Keane takes a closer look at the way governments have used fear of terrorism to shape public policy. (Originally published in Croatian)

Britain Votes 2005

Edited by Prof Pippa Norris - Oxford University Press - November 2005

With Prof Christopher Wlezien (Temple University), Visiting Professor Pippa Norris (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University) provides a comprehensive overview of the 2005 general election campaign in the United Kingdom, plus a systematic analysis of the election results.

Political Theory

Bergson, Politics, and Religion

Edited by Dr Alexandre Lefebvre - Durham: Duke University Press - 2012

Henri Bergson is primarily known for his work on time, memory, and creativity. His equally innovative interventions into politics and religion have, however, been neglected or dismissed until now. In the first book in English dedicated to Bergson as a political thinker, leading Bergson scholars illuminate his positions on core concerns within political philosophy: the significance of emotion in moral judgment, the relationship between biology and society, and the entanglement of politics and religion. Ranging across Bergson's writings but drawing mainly on his last book,The Two Sources of Morality and Religion, the contributors consider Bergson's relevance to contemporary discussions of human rights, democratic pluralism, and environmental ethics.

The Future of Representative Democracy

Edited by Prof John Keane - Cambridge University Press - March 2011

With Sonia Alonso and Wolfgang Merkel (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung), Professor John Keane poses important questions about representation, representative democracy and their future. Paying close attention to the unfinished, two-centuries-old relationship between democracy and representation, this book offers a fresh perspective on current problems and dilemmas of representative democracy and the possible future development of new forms of democratic representation.

Scientific Realism and International Relations

Edited by Prof Colin Wight - Palgrave Macmillan - September 2010

With Jonathan Joseph (University of Kent), Professor Colin Wight - specialist in international relations theory - looks at the role that perspectives on critical and scientific realism have played in international relations theory in recent years. This book demonstrates the vitality of this approach and the difference that "realism" makes.

Comparative Politics

Civil Society: Berlin Perspectives

Edited by Prof John Keane - Berghahn Books - August 2006

This volume, edited by Professor John Keane, presents, for the first time in English, a sample of the best, recently written essays on contemporary civil societies, their structural problems, and their uncertain future, written by scholars with a close, long-standing relationship with the city of Berlin. They focus on a broad sweep of substantive themes, but in each case they focus upon one or other of some of the key trends within actually existing civil societies.

Australian Politics

Contemporary Politics in Australia

Edited by Assoc. Prof. Rodney Smith and Assoc. Prof. Ariadne Vromen - Cambridge University Press - February 2012

Contemporary Politics in Australia provides a lively and wide-ranging introduction to the study of Australian politics. Written by a diverse range of experts, the book offers a comprehensive overview of current theories, debates and research in Australian political science and looks forward to new developments. It encompasses not only formal and institutionally based politics, but also the informal politics of everyday life, including the politics of Australian culture and media. The book is divided into six key sections that cover:

  • political theory
  • politics in everyday Australian life
  • elections
  • participation and representation
  • the Australian state •contemporary political and public policy issues.

Contemporary Politics in Australia challenges the assumption that the study of Australian politics can be dry, descriptive or uncontroversial. Rather, it encourages an understanding of politics in Australia as contested ground. Ten of the 32 chapters are written by academics from the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney.

The Governors of New South Wales: 1788 - 2010

Edited by Mr David Clune - The Federation Press - December 2009

With Ken Turner, Mr David Clune - historian for the NSW Parliament - provides biographical accounts of all 37 Governors of New South Wales from Arthur Phillip in 1788 to Marie Bashir. Highlights of the book include John Hunter’s amazing sea voyages, the erratic career of the ‘devious and foul-tempered’ William Bligh, the highly public clashes of Sir Hercules Robinson (nicknamed the ‘Crisis maker’) with Governments and Parliament, the ‘Boy’s Own’ Naval career of the swashbuckling Sir Harry Rawson, the extraordinary double life of Lord Beauchamp and the dramatic events surrounding Sir Philip Game’s dismissal of Jack Lang.

Writing Party History: Papers from a Seminar held at Parliament House, Sydney, May 2006

Edited by Mr David Clune - The Federation Press - June 2007

With Ken Turner, Mr David Clune - historian for the NSW Parliament - presents a record of a May 2006 seminar on writing party history held at Parliament House, Sydney as part of the commemoration of the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in New South Wales. Historians, political scientists and practitioners of politics both past and present came together in a way that has rarely been attempted before to discuss researching and writing the history of both the major political parties and minor parties and independents in New South Wales.

Keywords In Australian Politics

Assoc Prof Rodney Smith & Assoc Prof Adriadne Vromen - Cambridge University Press - June 2006

With Dr Ian Cook (Murdoch University), Assoc Profs Rodney Smith and Adriadne Vromen outline the main meanings of over one hundred words essential to understanding contemporary Australian politics. The volume defines each keyword, highlights links between different keywords, outlines the main debates concerning each keyword and indicates how they came to be part of Australian political language.

The first New South Wales Labor government 1910-1916 : two memoirs : William Holman and John Osborne

Edited by Dr Michael Hogan - University of New South Wales Press - 2005

The Labor Party was first elected to office in NSW in 1910. One of the senior members of the Government, becoming Premier in 1913, was William Holman. An important backbencher at the same time was John Osborne, Member for Paddington from 1910 to 1919. This book contains the edited memoirs of both of these men.