Rawdon Dalrymple


Rawdon Dalrymple

Rawdon Dalrymple is a graduate of the University of Sydney and was Rhodes Scholar from NSW in 1952.

Before joining the Discipline in 1994 Rawdon Dalrymple worked in the Department of External Affairs (now Foreign Affairs) and Trade. For much of this time he worked primarily on trade and economic issues; but in the course of his career he was involved at one time or another in all aspects of Australia's foreign interests and policy areas.

After participating in the planning and formative work leading to the creation of the Asian Development Bank he joined the Bank in Manila in 1987 as Alternate Director.

In 1969 Mr Dalrymple was promoted Assistant Secretary and appointed Minister in the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. From 1972 to 1975 he was Australian Ambassador to Israel, a period which included the Yom Kippur war. Returning to Canberra in 1975 he was First Assistant Secretary in charge of Western Division and then of the Economic Division. He was promoted to Deputy Secretary in 1984. In 1981 he was appointed Australian Ambassador to Indonesia and served there for four years. In 1985 he went to Washington as Australian Ambassador to the United States where he spent the next four years. In 1989 Mr Dalrymple was appointed Australian Ambassador to Japan and remained there until the end of November 1993.

Since retiring from the Australian Government service he has become a Visiting Professor in the Discipline at the University of Sydney, Chairman of ASEAN Focus Group Ltd, President of the Australian Centre for American Studies, Deputy Chair of the Australia-Japan Foundation, Advisor to ITOCHU Australia, and serves on a number of government and other committees and boards.


Research Interests
  • International Relations


Books Authored and Edited

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