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GOVT2446 - Reform, Revolution and Post Communism

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Graeme Gill


At the end of the 1980s the communist regimes of Europe collapsed, leading to the emergence of a number of newly-independent states. This development was unexpected, because the communist regimes had seemed to be so powerful and solidly established. This unit analyses why such regimes fell, and in particular why the attempts at reform of them failed. It then looks at the attempt to build a new post-communist future characterised by political democracy and a market economy. Specific attention is given to issues like the attempt to develop a post-communist identity, efforts to construct a new political system, economic reform and its consequences, organised crime and corruption, nationalism and legitimacy. The focus is principally upon Russia, but some attention is also given to other former communist states.


1x2000wd essay (30%), 1x500wd tutorial assignment (10%), 1x2hr exam (50%) and tutorial participation (10%)


2x1hr lectures/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week commencing week 2


12 Junior credit points from Government



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This unit is available as a designated 'Advanced' unit to students enrolled in the BA (Advanced) degree program.

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