Units of Study

GOVT4101 - Government Honours A

Semester 2, 2012  |  Credit Points: 12

Coordinator: Susan Park


The Honours program in Government and International Relations consists of:

1. a thesis written under the supervision of one member of academic staff;
2. two seminars that meet weekly for two hours each in Semester 1.

The thesis should be of 18000-20000 words in length. Each seminar requires about 6000 words of written work, or its equivalent. The thesis is worth 60% of the final Honours mark and each of the seminars is worth 20%.

The Department will decide which Seminars are available in 2012, with these potentially including the following: Australian Democracy in Comparative Perspective, The Life and Times of Authoritarian Rule, Power and Identity in International Relations, Population Politics, Environmental Politics, Comparative Political Culture, and Modern Political Thought. With the permission of the Honours Coordinator, it will also be possible to do one seminar through the Honours programs at UNSW or Macquarie University.

For more information, contact Dr Susan Park, Honours Coordinator or the Chair of the Department


a thesis of 18000-20000 words and 6000 words of written work or its equivalent each seminar


2x2-hr seminars/week in Semester 1


Credit grades in two junior GOVT units of study, and completion of 8 senior GOVT units of study with a credit minimum in each, including completion of GOVT2991, GOVT3993 and GOVT3994. Requirements for the Pass degree must be completed before entry to level 4000 honours units of study.

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