About GSG

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Excellence in public administration by investing in the future.

The Graduate School of Government (GSG) at the University of Sydney offers a premier learning environment for current and future leaders in public administration. GSG is one of the leading schools of government in the region.

GSG provides high-quality research and teaching in public-sector management, engaging high-profile academics and public sector practitioners and political leaders from all levels of jurisdiction. The school's intellectual base establishes it as a leading research institution and a driver of debate on key domestic and international policy issues. Our courses offer a practical view of government with a real-world approach whilst providing theories and ideas, evidence and the rigour of research, to the most seasoned of public servants. Our course provide context to experience, and an alternative perspective through a whole-of-government approach.

GSG is a member of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) consortium of governments and universities, which aims to significantly enhance the management skills of leaders in the public sector through development and education.

The school is located in the New Law School Building. Courses are held at University of Sydney. Our lectures and seminars are conducted by a mix of academics and experienced practitioners of public administration. The GSG's academic body, with its mixture of skills and experiences along with the breadth and depth of the GSG's areas of study and research, enhances the knowledge and executive management talents of our graduate students.

Programs and Courses Offered by GSG

The GSG offers postgraduate coursework award courses in Public Administration.

The School also provides tailored short courses in public administration. The GSG's Executive Programs are delivered, on behalf of Secretaries and Chief Executives, to executives working NSW Departments and Agencies. Executive Programs are delivered to political and policy advisors from South East Asia and the Pacific on behalf of ALP International. Most of GSG's Executive Programs are delivered to public sector officers from Africa and Asia. The programs are funded by and delivered for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.