About GSG

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Excellence in public administration by investing in the future.

Established in June 2003, the Graduate School of Government (GSG) at the University of Sydney offers a premier learning environment for current and future leaders in public administration. GSG is considered to be one of the leading schools of government in the region.

GSG provides high-quality research and teaching in public-sector management, engaging high-profile academics and practitioners. The school's intellectual base establishes it as a leading research institution and a driver of debate on key domestic and international policy issues. Our courses offer a practical view of government with a real-world approach.

GSG is a member of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) consortium of governments and universities, which aims to significantly enhance the management skills of leaders in the public sector through development and education.

The school is located in the Law Building. Courses are held at University of Sydney. Our lectures and seminars are conducted by an eclectic mix of academics and people with real-life experience in public administration. This academic body, with its mixture of skills and experiences along with the breadth and depth of the GSG's areas of study and research, enhances the knowledge and executive management talents of our graduate students.

NSW Government and GSG

GSG provides tailored programs directly for the NSW Government, which recognises the importance to the community of public administration through its support of the school.

The NSW Government nominates and supports 43 students in GSG's Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and 25 students in the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) each year. GSG currently provides a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (incorporating the Graduate Certificate in Public Administration) which articulates into the Master of Public Administration. GSG also provides themed short courses and seminars. The University of Sydney, through GSG, jointly (with the University of New South Wales) contributes to teaching the ANZSOG EMPA. The NSW Government also sponsors the Director ANZSOG NSW, held by Associate Professor Joanne Kelly. The Director, ANZSOG NSW, is located in GSG to coordinate and teach the ANZSOG program in Sydney and to contribute to the development of GSG, its courses and programs.