GSG Alumni and Practitioners Network

GSG has an extensive Alumni and Practitioners Network. Each year GSG holds a function following graduation which brings together current and former students of all its programs, external experts who teach into the programs, mentors, Agency CEOs, politicians, staff of the university and members of the former Advisory Council and International Advisory Panel. It is this network from which GSG draws future external experts and mentors. Bringing together all these practitioners, staff, students and alumni provides a unique and extensive networking opportunity.

The Alumni and Practitioners Network, or subgroups thereof, are also invited to seminars, mentoring functions and public lectures run by GSG, ANZSOG and the University of Sydney.

GSG Course Evaluation

In late 2011 the GSG identified the need to evaluate its postgraduate courses to ensure their continued relevance for students, individual organisations, the NSW public sector and other key stakeholders.

Through an extensive survey of alumni, their supervisors and public sector leaders a course evaluation was published in August 2012.

A copy of the survey can be found here Course Evaluation Report. (PDF)