Graduate School of Government has three prizes awarded to a student at the end of each year.

IPAA NSW, FA Bland Prize for academic excellence in Strategic Administration.

Graduate School of Government prize for academic excellence in the Work Based Project.
Established in 2009 it is awarded to the most proficient student in the GSG Work Based Project (perviously sponsored by Deloitte).

NSW Public Service Commission award in Public Administration for overall academic performance in the Graduate Diploma of Public Administration. This award, to the value of $8000, is a travelling prize which can be used for travel in Australia or overseas to undertake research about domestic or international best practice. The reports from previous winners are listed below. (Previously sponsored by Department of Premier and Cabinet 2009 and 2010).

IPAA NSW, FA Bland Prize
2015 Brett Whitworth Department of Planning and the Environment
2014 - joint Michael Knight NSW Police Force
2014 - joint Stacy Warren Premier and Cabinet
2013 Jodi McKay Family Planning NSW
2012 Leah Anderson Education and Communities
2011 Richard Beecham NSW Office of Water
2010 Rami Affan RailCorp
2009 Paul Gaynor Transport NSW
Work Based Project prize
2015 Nicole Anderson NSW Corrective Services
2014 Simon Oliver NSW Police Force
2013 Philip Sherwin Education and Communities
2012 Lance Schema ACON
2011 Gerard Azar NSW Ambulance Services
2010 Neville Prior Roads and Traffic Authority
2009 David Walsh Community Services

Formerly the Deloitte Prize for the best Work Based Project, 2009 to 2012.

NSW Public Service Commission award in Public Administration

Winners are required to submit their completed report within one calendar year. Completed Reports of all winners can be found in Resources and Links on the GSG website.

2015 Deborah Marks NSW Police Force
2014 Nicole Woloszuk NSW Ministry of Health
2013 Joanna Battersby Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Family and Community Services
2012 Patrick Paroz NSW Police Force
2011 Anthony Leviston Finance and Services
2010 Alan Morrison Ambulance Service of NSW
2009 Natalie Camilleri Roads and Traffic Authority

Formerly the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet award in Public Administration, 2009 and 2010.