Research Project (GSOG6007)

This unit consists of a 5,000 word research essay under the guidance of a supervisor from GSG.

Usually students will use this unit to expand on a topic covered in a core or elective unit. The student must demonstrate sufficient existing knowledge in the area based on a combination of previous studies and work experience. Students may undertake applied or basic research.

Entry into this unit is not automatic, and requires the student to (a) have achieved an average 70% or higher in previous units; (b) develop a research proposal and (c) find an academic supervisor who is happy to work with them on the proposal and then take them on as a student for the semester.

The unit is geared to the needs and interests of senior public servants. It is designed to build upon and extend the existing knowledge of class participants. To this end, it will have a strong practitioner focus, blending theoretical insights with practical examples and testing abstract ideas against experience. As well as academic supervisors of each project external experts from the public sector, business and non-government organisations are available through the GSG Mentoring Program.

The unit will be available as an elective to postgraduate students in the GSG's Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (GDPA); the GSG Master of Public Administration (MPAdmin) and the ANZSOG Executive Masters of Public Administration (EMPA).