The GSG Leadership Development Assessment (LDA)

GSG manages an assessment program using a unique GSG methodology that is tailored to provide a tool that will allow students to:

  • take control of their personal development in setting career goals
  • build and enhance existing personal strengths
  • initially manage and mitigate identified 'weaknesses', and
  • progressively upgrade skills.

Assessments occur in February/March of the first year of enrolment and then again in July/August (after completion of the GDPA).

The assessment program allows CEOs (and/or their nominees) to work cooperatively with their employee to enhance career opportunities, establish and progress ongoing development opportunities and better match key employees and their skills to priority agency tasks.

The aim of the program is to be a building block for ongoing personal development into future leadership.

It will facilitate secondments and placements across the NSW Public Service as well as enhance employment opportunities for GSG students by developing skills that are recognised and transferable across the sector.

Individuals' assessments are confidential to the GSG and each participating student. Students, at their total discretion, may of course share their individual assessment on a confidential basis with their mentor who may assist them with strategies to address issues the LDA has highlighted and help them with career and skills improvement planning.