History Department Honorary Associates

  • Dr Ricardo Roque

    History of race; science studies; anthropology of colonialism; East Timor; Portuguese empire (19th-20th century)
  • Professor David Armitage, FAHA

    Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History; Harvard University; Department of History
    Atlantic history; British history; History of international law; History of political thought; Imperial history; Intellectual history; International and global history; Literature and history; Main period: 1500-1800
  • Professor Alan Atkinson

    Emeritus Professor, St Paul's College University of Sydney
    Eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century Australian history.
  • Dr Judith Bonzol

    Early modern European history, particularly witchcraft; medicine; emotions; demonic possession; and religion
  • Mr Paul Brunton, OAM, FAHA

    Exploration of the Pacific up to the mid nineteenth century
  • Dr Peter Cochrane, FAHA

    Australian colonial, social and economic history; British history
  • Professor Ann Curthoys, FASSA, FAHA

    Australian history; Aboriginal-European relations; historical theory
  • Dr Cathy Curtis

    European intellectual, political, religious and cultural history from 1500 to 1700. She has published on Thomas More, Juan Luis Vives and Shakespeare, and renaissance pedagogy, satire and historiography. She is currently writing a monograph on Thomas More’s use of satire.
  • Professor John Docker, FAHA

    Literary, cultural and intellectual history; genocide studies; massacre studies; the Enlightenment
  • Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick, FAHA

    20th-century Russian and Soviet history; transnational history; the Australian Left; Australian society after the Second World War, with particular reference to assimilation of "displaced persons" from Europe and the Cold War.
  • Professor Brian H. Fletcher, OAM, FAHA

    Australian history
  • Dr Caroline Ford
  • John Hirst, PhD Adel.
    Emeritus Scholar, La Trobe University
    Australian social and political history; democracy and civic culture.
  • Associate Professor R. Ian Jack

    Medieval English and Welsh history; archaeology of colonial Australia.
  • Professor Sybil Jack
  • Dr Ross L Jones

    Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2012
    History of medicine, biology, anatomy, eugenics, and education.
  • Emeritus Professor Roy MacLeod, FASSA, , FAHA

    British imperial, colonial and commonwealth history; history of science, medicine and technology; Pacific Studies; Australian history; history of universities; history of exploration and discovery; museum history; history of research and information systems.
  • Dr Jim Masselos, FAHA

    Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities
    Modern South Asian history; Indian art and religion; Bombay City and Presidency; historiography.
  • Dr Maggie McKeller

    women, the land and senses of place, particularly in the cross-cultural context of settler societies, Australia and Canada. Theoretically, she is informed by feminist scholarship and interdisciplinary analyses of the self, memory and representation.
  • Assoc Prof Neville K. Meaney

    International history, especially concerning the way in which ideology, culture and geopolitics have interacted to shape the changing character of Australia's relations with the world.
  • Ms Stephanie Morton
  • Dr Geoffrey A. Oddie

    South Asian history (primarily social change), Hinduism and Christianity, especially in South India
  • Dr Lynette Olson

    Medieval Cornwall and Brittany; Overall history of Europe in the Early Middle Ages; Christian Conversion of Europe as cultural change
  • Emeritus Professor Roslyn Pesman, AM, FAHA

    President of the Australian Historical Association
  • Dr Margaret Poulos
    Modern Greek History; World War Two; post-war movements for democratisation
  • Professor Cassandra Pybus

    Australian history, American history, Transatlantic history
  • Dr Kathrine M. Reynolds

    Nineteenth century European migration to Australia, nineteenth century Australian history
  • Dr. David Rollison

    Popular politics and mentalities in early modern England. He is currently (2008-9) Visiting Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia (UK), where he is writing a book titled What is Social History?
  • Professor Richard Waterhouse, FASSA, FAHA

    Australian history, cultural history and rural history
  • Dr Gary Werskey

    Australian cultural and art history, History of science and politics
  • Assoc Prof Richard White
  • Dr Zdenko Zlatar

    Honorary Reader
    Slavic (including Russian) History; the Balkans; European intellectual and cultural history from the late middle-ages to the 20th century