Professor Richard Waterhouse

BA (Sydney) MA, PhD (Johns Hopkins)
Honorary Associate, Department of History

Research areas

  • The history of Australian popular culture
  • The history of rural Australia
  • Colonial north American history

Current projects

Selected publications


The Vision Splendid; a Social and Cultural History of Rural Australia (Fremantle: 2005)

Private Pleasures, Public Leisure: a History of Australian Popular Culture Since 1788 (Melbourne, 1995)

(with Martin Painter), The Principal Club: a History of the Australian Jockey Club (Sydney,1992)

From Minstrel Show to Vaudeville: the Australian Popular Stage, 1788-1914 (Sydney, 1990)

A New World Gentry: the Making of a Merchant and Planter Class in South Carolina, 1670-1770 (New York, 1989; revised edition Charleston, 2005)

Conference activity

  • 'American Popular Culture and Australian Society, 1788-ca1960,' American Popular Culture and the World Conference, Washington, 1998
  • 'Controversy in Australian History,' Mitchell Library Public Address, 2003
  • 'The Yeoman Ideal and Australian Reality,' British Worlds Conference, Melbourne 2004
  • 'Agrarian Idealism and Pastoral Reality; the Use and Misuse of Land in Australia 1788-2005,' Bendigo Bank Annual Rural History lecture, Bendigo, 2005
  • 'Mateship: Images and Context,' Monash University, Mateship Conference, 2006

Other professional contributions

  • Consultant:
    National Maritime Museum
    National Museum of Australia
    Australian Jockey Club
  • "Off the Beaten Track": History Council NSW Travelling Lecture Series - Orange, Wagga Wagga, Kempsey