Degree Structure

The degree consists of a foundational semester (from July to November) at the University of Sydney and a second semester (from January to May) at one of four regional partner institutions: A one-week inter-sessional intensive is offered in between two semesters, and may be offered in an offshore partner institution.

Partner institutions include: Ateneo de Manila University (the Philippines), Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), Kathmandu School of Law (Nepal) and the University of Colombo (Sri Lanka). Mahidol University (Thailand) are associates on the MHRD program.

In the foundational semester at the University of Sydney, students will undertake four units of study in social science, legal and political approaches to human rights and democratisation.

During the regional semester students will complete two further units of study in human rights and democratization, complemented by their choice of a supervised dissertation or an internship at an in-country organisation specialising in human rights/democratisation. Students must select one of the partners universities listed above to undertake their regional semester study.