Academic Director

Dr Nicola Piper

A: Room 415A Old Teacher's College
P: +61 2 9351 4684

Role at the University of Sydney
Nicola is the Director of the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific Regional Program). This is a one year degree partly funded by the European Union that gives emerging leaders in the Asia-Pacific region the unique opportunity to build their capacity to protect and promote human rights. After attaining foundational knowledge and skills at the University of Sydney, all students undertake their regional study elective stream at one of the leading human rights educational institutions in the region - - Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia, Mahidol University in Thailand, the Kathmandu School of Law in Nepal and the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka. At the end of the program, students graduate with a firm grounding in the philosophical, political, institutional, legal, sociological and cultural dimension of human rights and democratisation.

Nicola also teaches HRTD6903 - Dynamics of Human Rights Violations.

Research interests
Nicola’s research interests lie in the influence of civil society actors on the governance of migration (‘governance from below’) at multiple institutional levels (global, regional, local), with specific focus on the promotion and advancement of migrants’ rights. She has been working on developing a concept of “migrant rights” beyond dominant legalistic approaches as well as classical citizenship conceptions.

The current phase of her research agenda revolves around issues of organisational evolution which matters to rights delivery, enforcement and monitoring as well as changes in organisational membership, perceptions of solidarity and political organising as the result of a transnationalising, globalized world of work.

Nicola’s focus is in the Asia-pacific region but she has also conducted fieldwork in Latin America and Europe.