University of Colombo

With a proud history of over 115 years, The University of Colombo is the oldest university in Sri Lanka. The university maintains academic excellence in all areas of study, providing high quality education to some of the best students in the country. With 41 academic departments across 7 faculties, as well as numerous institutes and centres, the university offers diverse education and high quality research across different disciplines, relevant to local and international environments. By combining knowledge, education, research, creativity and entrepreneurship, the University of Colombo strives to be a world class institution that promotes human development and democratic values.

The Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Faculty of Law
The Centre for the Study of Human Rights (CSHR) is run by the Faculty of Law at the University of Colombo since 1991, with an objective of promoting human rights research and education within the university community as well as the general public. The CSHR offers educational resources such as books, journals and reports on human rights laws and issues. It furthermore runs a Diploma program as well as a training program for students interested in human rights law and activism. It runs internship programs for law graduates with the leading NGOs and Human Rights Commission in order to facilitate active participation and improved training and understanding of local and international dimensions of human rights.

In addition, the Faculty of Graduate Studies at University of Colombo offers a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Human Rights, designed to educate and train students in both theoretical and practical spheres of human rights. It combines knowledge from historical, philosophical, legal and international disciplines in order to provide systematic knowledge and multidisciplinary analytical and research skills necessary for promotion and protection of human rights.