Gadjah Mada University

Founded in 1949, Gadjah Mada University is the oldest and largest university in Indonesia. With a mission to promote excellence in teaching, learning and research opportunities, the university offers high quality education and programs across 18 faculties. Gadjah Mada University prides itself in 69 graduate programs, 24 diploma programs and a Graduate School. These programs aim to generate professional and capable graduates equipped with leadership capacities, innovative approaches and moral and cultural understanding that will serve the needs of the society and bring prosperity to Indonesia, as well as the global community.

Increasing internationalisation of the university is generating global perspectives within most faculties. The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, for instance, has a growing focus on international relations and comparative politics, public policy, media and social and developmental studies which extend across the region and the globe. The faculty has established the Centre for Southeast Asian Social Studies (CESASS) at Gadjah Mada University, dedicated towards regional understanding, interconnectedness, unity and development for the benefit of all people in the region. Instruments of law and democracy in Southeast Asia are undermined by the array of complex issues such as corruption, communitarian and totalitarian regimes, violence, separatist movement and terrorism. The centre seeks to raise awareness and regional and cultural knowledge in order eliminate these problems and tensions that inhibit development, democracy and human rights of regional nations.