Kathmandu School of Law

Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) is a leading legal institution delivering high standards in education and academic excellence. It was established in 2000 in affiliation with Nepal’s Purbanchal University with the purpose of generating leadership in law and social justice. The School keeps firm commitment to delivering effective research and learning practices, understanding of domestic, regional and international law, as well as a contemporary and interdisciplinary curriculum that is competitive internationally. KSL maintains excellent networks, frequent exchange and teaching programs with many law schools abroad. It further enriches student environment and education quality by encouraging participation in national and international debate programs and symposiums to enhance knowledge and understanding of international law.

Human Rights Initiatives at KSL
Kathmandu School of Law runs a M.A. in Human Rights, a course designed to foster explicit understanding of human rights. Apart from the legal aspect of human rights, it draws upon some basic concepts, history, theory, issues and violations surrounding the matter in order to provide understanding of the principles, standards and normative framework of human rights law, and build competence in human rights both in Nepal and internationally. Another program focused on human rights within the KSL is the LL.M Program on Human Rights and Gender Justice, which strives to generate expertise and knowledge in applying international human rights standards to domestic situations and societies like Nepal. Ultimately, this program aims to generate a group of law experts with a potential to transform the traditional legal system in Nepal by bringing in global standards and international human rights instruments.