At your Careers Centre it is our priority to provide you with the tools to help you to explore your career interests, options and goals, your way, as soon as you commence your studies. Our services are available free of charge to every enrolled student. Your career starts here!

Our expert staff can help you develop the skills you need to find the job you love. You can find out about opportunities for graduate employment and casual or vacation work by attending events held right here on campus every semester. Throughout each semester we offer: careers fairs; workshops; guest presenter lectures; faculty modules; employer presentations; and one-to-one careers counselling.

In 2008, some 20,000 students attended our events and used our services. Over 1000 employers used the Careers Centre to target University of Sydney students and employers placed more than 4000 job advertisements on the Job Alert database. These job ads were emailed straight to our 10,000 student subscribers. Use your UniKey to unlock job vacancies only available to University of Sydney students, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Casual Employment

For all your casual employment needs visit the Careers Centre casual and graduate employment vacancy database. Our database functions as a job vacancy notice board for currently enrolled University of Sydney students and recent graduates. Students login using their UniKey details. Students apply directly to employers. Students who register with us are also informed of new vacancies daily via Job Alert. We currently have approximately 10,000 students subscribed to Job Alert.


SydneyTalent aims to enhance the experience of every student by providing the opportunity to complement students’ academic studies with meaningful paid employment and work related development. Participating students are able to work up to 20 hours each week during semester, which complies with work permit requirements for international students and postgraduate scholarship students.

With SydneyTalent, you can create lasting relationships with your future industry, connect with potential long-term employers, and gain practical knowledge, leaving the University of Sydney with professional experience that complements your degree.