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2010 UBEF Visiting Professor Geoffrey Samuel | resources

Sydney Lecture Series | slide show presentations

  • Lecture 1 Tibetan Buddhism as a System of Knowledge [2.5 Mb]
  • Lecture 2 Tibetan Buddhism as an Ethical Tradition [2.4 Mb]
  • Lecture 3 Lamas and Lay Practitioners, Monasteries and Temples [2.1 Mb]
  • Lecture 4 Tibetan Buddhism as Practical Religion [1.8 Mb]
  • Lecture 5 Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan Art of Healing [2.6 Mb]
  • Lecture 6 Tibetan Buddhism, Place and Identity [2.1 Mb]
  • Lecture 7 Tibetan Buddhism, Women and Gender [1.0 Mb]
  • Lecture 8 Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon Religion [2.8 Mb]