Dr Toni Borowsky

Chair of Department
BA (Hons) Witw PhD Mass

+61 2 9351 3479
Room 228, Transient Building F12

Present Projects

  • Language games
  • Working with Peter Avery at York University, Toronto on Reversing Games and
  • Syllabification

Research Interests

  • All kinds of Theoretical Phonology including issues of lexical phonology
    in Optimality Theory.
  • The formalization of phonological variation in OT
  • Language acquisition



Borowsky, T 1991, Topics in the Lexical Phonology of English in Series: Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics, Garland Press, New York

Edited books

Journal articles

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Book chapters

  • Borowsky, T 2010, Language disguise in OT: reversing and truncating, Indigenous language and social identity (Pacific Linguistics 626), Canberra, ACT
  • Borowksy, T 2001, The vocalisation of dark l in Australian English, English in Australia (VEAWG26), John Benjamins, Amsterdam
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Conference Proceedings

  • Borowsky, T 1986, Syllable Codas in English and syllabification, Proceedings of the North Eastern Linguistics Society (NELS), 17
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Current Supervising Postgraduates

Tamara Schembri Topics in Maltese Phonology
Shelley Paget Hindi English