Units of Study

LNGS2612 - Language Variation and Change

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dr Toni Borowsky


Human language varies with the social context, and on all linguistic levels (pronunciation, lexis, syntax, discourse structures etc). It not only shows variation in context but also across time. Again, all linguistic levels are affected. You will learn about variation analysis, the many factors that impact upon variation; the forms of variation; how to conduct sociolinguistic variation studies; the mechanisms of language change; constraints on change; and the way in which change is embedded in the larger linguistic system.


1x mid-term exam (30%), 1x3000wd research project (60%) and 1x1000wd presentation (10%)


2x1-hr lectures/week


Two of LNGS1001, LNGS1002, LNGS1003, LNGS1004 and LNGS1005


LNGS2026, LNGS2006

Additional Information

As part of the 2014 curriculum review this unit of study has been replaced by LNGS3610. This unit of study will not be offered again.

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