Department of Media and Communications

The Media and Communications Department (MECO) is a leading centre for teaching, research and public engagement in the rapidly changing media and communications environment. The highly qualified staff bring industry experience and professional connections as well as scholarly knowledge to their teaching, so that MECO students enjoy up-to-date, culturally aware and historically informed courses. The Department boasts high-level, fully equipped production facilities, with computer labs, television and radio studios. Together with its Digital Cultures program, MECO offers both online media production and a broad understanding of digital arts, publishing and mobile media. MECO also has one of Australia’s biggest humanities internship programs, providing career and portfolio building opportunities.

MECO degrees include:

MECO’s research is nationally and internationally recognised in fields such as robotics and new media; strategic communications, food politics and social movements; digital and mobile media; magazine production; longform journalism; and evolving journalism work practices. The research student page lists the range of thesis topics undertaken by MECO postgraduate students, and the staff page shows the breadth of the Department’s research topics, awards and publications.

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