Current Postgraduate Research Projects

  • Rachael Bolton
    Our Boy: Making an Australian Man
  • Mahli-Ann Butt
    Lifeworlds for Player 2 : Affective Networks, Affordances and Gender Dynamics in Gaming
  • Ben Egliston
    Digital Games and Spectatorship
  • Brittany Ferdinands
    Digital Influencers and Moentising Social Media
  • Punit Jagasia
    The Cultural Regulation of Facebook - Theory and Practice
  • Rebecca Johnson
    Enhancing Collaborative Communication Networks to Create Robust, Emergent Organisational Structures
  • Tim Koskie
    Moderating the Moderators: Mapping the Roles of Cultural Intermediaries in Online Newsrooms
  • Julia Limb
    Crafting At Home and Online: Rethinking the Value of Domestic Life through Blogs and Social Media
  • Catherine Maggs
    The Struggle for Openness in the Digital Era
  • Kyle Moore
    Situating Play: A Study of Urban Mobile Gaming in Australia
  • Yuanbo Qiu
    The Political Economy of Individual Live-streaming? Exploring Broadcasting and Interactivity in Live-Streaming Platforms of China
  • Rizanna Rosemary
    Voicing the silent audience: Women's interpretation of tobacco-related messages
  • Lucy Watson
    Not 'just like us': A study of how queers read celebrity media
  • Weiwei Xu
    Social Media and the Distribution of News in China
  • Xuanzi Xu
    The Use of Social Media by News Organisations in China